ADI News Feed | August 31, 2011 | Parenting Behavior

Welcome to ADI NewsFeed, monthly inbox news and tools developed to bring you a focused look at what matters most. This month we’re looking at behavior outside of most workplaces: parenting behavior. The following articles and resources have been selected to help parents understand how to bring out the best in their children by applying behavioral science tools and principles. Look for upcoming newsfeeds to cover topics such as performance improvement, workplace ethics, training resources and more.

Parenting Success Stories
One of the best parts of working with our clients is to hear how they are applying the tools and principles of behavioral science at home and the positive impact it has had for them. This latest blog post shares a few of their stories, from people just like you. Read the Blog

How to Rouse Your Teen
Without a Rise in Blood Pressure

USA Today
Many parents can relate to the challenges of waking sleeping teenagers, particularly when it comes to getting them off to school. This article offers real solutions for getting the day off to a positive start without the drama that typically accompanies morning routines. Read More

The Pocket-Money Checklist
By Gail Snyder
What child doesn’t always want something? While we as parents want to give our children the best, we also know it’s important not to create a sense of entitlement in children. This article shares the story of how one father created a checklist for his son and found that he got more than he bargained for; and so did his son! Read More

Additional Parenting Resources:

  1. The Power of Positive Parenting
  2. Parenting With Love: Making a Difference in a Day
  3. Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies PARENTING Help Center
  4. Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies AUTISM Help Center


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