Being a great leader is about more than just relying on certain personality traits or climbing the corporate ladder. Great managers are there to help others be more successful. Knowledge of behavior and Performance Management principles like reinforcement, feedback, and discretionary effort are critical to being better at leading yourself and others. The following resources offer insight into how you can improve your leadership skills and build a path to success for yourself and those around you.


If You're Looking for Future Leaders, Bury Command and Control
Aubrey Daniels Blog

Being knowledgeable about a company and industry is important, but there are other skills that are required by leaders and executives that are even more crucial when you are at the helm of an organization. A common business saying is that “people are your most important asset,” but how many companies truly utilize their employees as a powerful resource? The high rates of CEO turnover in America’s corporations suggests that many of today’s leaders lack an understanding of the importance of people and their behavior in the success (or failure) of their business.
In this latest blog, Aubrey explains what skills are required beyond industry knowledge and how, Mike King, CEO of Adidas Group North America, paved his way to success.


Successful Organizations Need Leaders at all Levels

Findings from the Global Human Capital Trends 2014 study indicate that leadership is still one of the biggest talent issues facing organizations today. While finding and retaining good leaders is still a concern, learning to develop leaders from younger generations and leaders who are capable of adapting to new technologies and other changes in the workplace is just as critical.


This article offers a solution to the leadership crisis. Learn why companies should be creating leadership pipelines at all levels and why continuous coaching, support, and skill acquisition should be offered to potential leaders in all positions.




Liberty or Doughnuts


In this tale of self-discovery, meet Kenny Comeaux, a former submarine officer who became interested in leadership and happened upon something that would change his course.


After reading the best-selling management book, Bringing Out the Best in People, Comeaux was inspired to apply what he learned and ultimately changed how his department approached motivation.


His story of applying the science of behavior and seeing successful, positive changes proves that the laws of behavior can work anywhere. Read how observing systems and processes from a behavioral perspective enabled Comeaux to try new plans, overcome pushback, and make a positive impact in an environment known for being tough.




Don't Blame Employees for Lack of Effort: Managers Hold the Key

Aubrey Daniels Blog

Having employees that go above and beyond minimum work requirements can be a tremendous benefit to any company. Yet, why do many managers struggle to earn this discretionary effort? Learn four steps you can take to encourage positive behavior and further motivate your employees to do their best work.





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Effective leaders are measured not only by the behavior of their followers but how well they adjust and re-adjust to feedback in their environment. ADI offers a suite of Leadership Surveys to help organizations uncover the critical behaviors needed from leaders to improve performance.


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Management Traps: "You Did a Good Job But..." and Other De-Motivators


How can managers effectively inform employees about necessary performance improvements while still providing the motivation they need to do better? Watch as Aubrey Daniels addresses the problems managers can face when delivering feedback to employees, how to use the 4:1 ratio and why you should avoid saying “You did a good job but…”



Applications of Performance Management Technology
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Join us in Atlanta for this widely popular 4.5-day seminar as our highly rated instructors deliver behavioral applications and individualized practice in performance management. Get the tools you need and learn how to apply them successfully in your own work setting. Next SessionJuly 14-18