New technologies in the workplace are vast and varied: standing desks, highly portable and mobile work systems, and the cloud, to name a few. The rate at which technology is being created is growing at unimaginable rates. So how do organizations remain competitive and keep up with the pace of change? The key lies in learning, behavior, and reinforcement.


Technology is No Threat if You Are a Learner
Talent Management

It’s no secret that technology has had a tremendous impact on our world. Companies have gone out of business and jobs have been rendered obsolete due to changing technologies. So how can the businesses of today prepare for and survive the technologies of tomorrow?


In his latest Performance Reset post for Talent Management, Aubrey discusses changes on the horizon and the potential impact they will have on companies and their employees. Find out why a willingness to learn will be so important in the workplace of the future, and what you can do to adapt to change more easily.



The Five Forces Shaping the Future of the Workplace Landscape
The Guardian


When will companies catch up to the changing landscape of today’s workplace? This article from The Guardian examines 5 forces that are changing the business world and how we work. 


Learn what challenges companies are facing and how they need to adapt to become a workplace of the future. From changing how they engage employees to the ways they utilize technology, gain insight into what is shaping the culture of organizations in the UK and around the world.




Making Friends With Change: A Survival Key in a Technology-Drive World

Talent Management

The rate of change occurring in the workplace is tremendous. As soon as we have mastered one technology, another comes along. As a result, companies are being forced to address their process for training employees.


The best way to ensure your workforce is able to keep up with changing technology is to accelerate learning and the transfer of knowledge. Read Dr. Aubrey Daniels’ suggestions for incorporating feedback and reinforcement into training to make it more effective.




Technology and the Science of Human Behavior

The Aubrey Daniels Institute

The relationship between science and technology has generally been viewed as a one-way street; one where a scientific discovery or breakthrough occurs and then someone applies what has been discovered. Together, they have both furthered our knowledge, especially in the science of behavior. Learn how the relationship between science and technology is beginning to change as their influence on one another has become more complex, dynamic, and interactive.




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Building Reinforcement into Your Work

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The Best Way to Change Any Work Behavior

Change is unavoidable so finding ways to accept and embrace change will mean the difference between success and failure. This article addresses tips for how to change work behaviors and what one thing is essential in doing so.




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