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Leadership in safety continues to be put on display as media points fingers at those at the top when reporting on failures in safety. What can leaders do to turn this around, not for media-sake but for their organizations’ benefit? Read on for a look at various safety practices and programs and how they can effectively lead their organizations in matters of safety.

Turn up to Learn: Leadership in High-hazard Industries

Don’t be misinformed to think that Management by Walking Around is making a comeback. Instead find out how leaders should turn up to learn more about what is really going on, particularly when it comes to creating and sustaining a safety culture in high-hazard environments. This latest article by ADI expert, David Uhl also explains what Undercover Boss has to do with leadership and safety.  Read Article

9 Keys to a Successful Safety Process
EHS Today

Milliken knows what it takes to create a world-class safety program, as is evident by their two-time America’s Safest Companies award from Environmental Health and Safety. See the nine elements they believe are key to managing safety successfully in an organization. Read Article

Coaching Your Way to Safe Habits
In safety and in business, getting the right behaviors to occur without hesitation should be an important goal of any organization. This guest blog post from Ken Wagner offers suggestions for how to add the most value when helping others develop effective habits and how to reduce risk by building consistency of safe behaviors that lead organizations to habit strength.  Read More  

Rethinking Safety Incentives 
Modern Machine Shop
Signs that read “Safety is Job #1” may in fact have an effect opposite of what the organization intended. Find out what other common safety practices may actually be doing more harm than good in this short blog post, and how organizations can right the ship to ensure their safety practices are effective. Read Blog  

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Safety Surveys

Safety Surveys

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Relationship Development in Safety video

Relationship Development in Safety

Relationships in safety are important if an organization wants to truly build a strong safety culture. In this short video segment, Dr. Judy Agnew discusses how leaders must build trust through interactions with individuals and the importance of asking questions and learning before jumping to conclusions. Watch Video