ADI News Feed | June 14, 2011 | Issue 15

Welcome to ADI NewsFeed, monthly inbox news and tools developed to bring you a focused look at what matters most. Employee pay doesn’t have to cost you your staff when times are tough. Organizations should consider alternative pay systems rather than take actions that put employee morale and your culture at risk. The following articles and resources have been selected to help you consider what additional systems are available and how to implement them. Look for upcoming newsfeeds to cover such topics as sales effectiveness, workplace ethics, training resources and more.

Giving Them the Business - 
Generating Performance that Pays

By Gail Snyder
Bob Barker Company
Learn how one company’s Get Paid! program transformed its compensation structure by implementing a performance measurement and Profit-Indexed Performance Pay™ system, resulting in a company culture of giving back and sharing the benefits of good performance.  
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What You Might Not Know, But Should, About the Effective Use of Measurement
Many myths and misconceptions are identified and discussed in this latest blog post that gets at the heart of effectively using measurement to help employees do better
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Stakeholder Pay: Reducing Unemployment and Stabilizing Profit Margins
By Bill Abernathy

In times of economic downturn, companies turn to layoffs as a means for staying afloat but should instead look at longer term strategies of alternative pay that build employee ownership into the profitability of the company.
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Oops . . . You Mean There's a
Better Way to Improve Performance?

An Entrepreneurial Journey Blog
Find out what this blogger learned about measurement that delivered a ‘pretty huge slap in the big fat business mug!’  Read more

ADI Compensate Valued Performance

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Salary and Hourly Pay
The modern organization wastes more time and money in the way people are compensated than it wastes in any other area of the business. Listen to hear what organizations can do differently to reward those that add value
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There are alternative solutions for wages, even ones that pay for themselves through strong performance. This compelling and thought provoking book identifies the root of the problem and offers proven solutions.  

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