In this issue — Keeping employees happy and engaged can be a challenge for many organizations. Our latest newsfeed offers resources and tips for how to reinforce employees and create a happier work environment.


Happiness Starts At The Top
Talent Management

In today’s workplace a lot of emphasis is put on making employees happy, but many companies mistakenly do so through added perks. Dr. Aubrey Daniels explains that being happy at work is less about what employees are given and more about how they are treated. This blog explains why companies should focus on recognizing employee contributions and achievements in order to boost employee happiness.


Why Being Engaged At Work Isn't As Simple As "Being Happy" 
Fast Company

While the 2013 Gallup study on engagement cited that just three in ten American workers were engaged in their jobs, the answer for improving engagement may actually be to soften up.  In this article, Gallup CEO Jim Clifton explains that having “an authentically caring culture provides a clear and sustainable competitive advantage” and explains why a manager’s most important job is to maximize the potential of every person on their team. 



Science of Success


Companies earning the designation of A Great Place to Work consistently outperform the S&P 500 in areas like shareholder return and sales growth. Darnell Lattal explains how the science of behavior contributes to creating a great place to work where top talent is retained and high performance levels are achieved.




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Talent Management


Learn five signs leaders can look for to determine if their employees are truly engaged.



Positive Reinforcement — The Most Powerful Leadership Tool 

Become a powerful leader with these five keys for effectively delivering positive reinforcement! 







ADI’s science-based approach shines a light on the behavioral gaps in processes and practices impeding performance acceleration. 



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