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Whether at home or in the workplace, we all have the power to positively influence those around us. Understanding the science of behavior is crucial to maximizing our impact and ability to resolve or improve the problems and issues we face. The following articles and resources are offered to help you help others. We all have the power to change our environments for the better.

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The Nature of Positive Reinforcement

In our quest to bring the science to all those we can, we invite you to take advantage of this chapter download special offer.  For a limited time, we invite you to learn more about the power of positive reinforcement and how it, if used appropriately, will sustain behavior.

In this chapter from Aubrey’s widely popular book, he defines positive reinforcement and explains why good intentions are not enough. Don’t miss this opportunity to more fully understand positive reinforcement.


It's Time to Bring Back Courtesy to the Workplace

Communication and workplace interactions have changed significantly over the past few decades. More and more of our work today is conducted impersonally, with technologies like email, voicemail, and teleconferences taking prevalence over face-to-face interactions.

Although convenient, the increase in digital and virtual communication may be having an adverse effect on the level of respect being shown between employees in your organization. This timely article offers tips for bringing courtesy back to the workplace.


Empathy Can Go a Long Way at the Office

Making it in the business world can often require making tough and unpopular decisions. However, that doesn’t mean there is no place for empathy or appreciation. 

Leaders who show concern and genuine empathy for their employees tend to foster a culture of loyalty and discretionary effort, where employees go above and beyond and morale is high. This article explains why you don’t have to be “touchy-feely” or let empathy get in the way of your ability to do business, but instead understand how a little appreciation can go a long way to make your company productive and a better place to work.


Boston: A Note of Reflection

A Note of Reflection

In light of the tragedy in Boston, many of us have been prompted to reflect on the state of the environment and world we live in today.

In this blog post, Aubrey shares his own thoughts on the tragedy and offers a picture of the world imagined by Dr. B.F. Skinner; one that we all wish would come true. His insight on how the science of behavior and positive chains of change can help us impact the world around us provides a small measure of reassurance and comfort knowing that we do have the ability to positively influence the problems we face.


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Heroes for Humanity
Using Science to Change the Way the World Works 

Heros for Humanity

Learn about a remarkable program
created by Dutch industrial engineer, Bart Weetjens, where they use the science of behavior to train rats to save lives. These extraordinary animals sniff out land mines in Africa and help detect TB in hospitals, resulting in saved lives and increased safety. The story of these smart reliable creatures is not just inspiring, it points to the amazing potential of the science of behavior and how it can make a positive impact in our world.

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