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Weekly Group Distance Healings

To help people navigate these intense times of change, I’m offering Weekly Group Distance Healings.  You can choose once a week or three times a week. 

Energy healing helps you maintain a stronger and more balanced auric field as you deal with your life challenges and the collective energy that is in such upheaval during these times.  We are building a foundation of Unity and Love that can sometimes be difficult as we deal with the destruction that is necessary and the reshaping of negative patterns. 

Energy healing facilitates shift with less turmoil as you release and activate at an improved and consistent pace. 

More details here. 

If you are feeling a need for more personal guidance, then an individual healing session may be more in line with your needs.


I have been receiving the weekly healings now for 2 weeks and can say that I can feel the energy on the days you are working and the shift in energy is tangible for me, a lot of fear, anxiety and worry has seemingly disappeared! I feel more grounded and "accepting" not really in that zone of "fear and trepidation" and the energy of being "persecuted" seems to have gone also.
I am in a good place now and I hope to grow and build from this energy space.  Although it doesn't seem to be showing anything yet on this material plane as the shifts feel at this stage internal, so I am waiting to see the manifestation of this energy change in my material world and will be very interested to see what manifests as I exude this new clearer more refined energy!!!

Middlesex, UK

I wanted to improve my physical health.  I started noticing a difference around the second month of healing even though I wasn’t trying to change my habits.  My leg is straightening out, my posture is better, I’m able to move it more because the muscles have relaxed and the knee pain has subsided.  People that can help me are coming into my network, like a massage therapist offered a weekly appointment at a reduced rate.  Someone told me about eating at a salad bar for lunch daily, which has made everything easier.  I shop less, cook and clean less, I eat less candy and this has stimulated my desire to lose weight.  I’ve lost a few pounds already in a few weeks without even really trying.  My desire for the constant chocolate fix has subsided without me trying.  My stamina has improved and I haven’t even done anything new, I guess just from walking better.

July 2011 Newsletter

The Engeries of July

The action phase of summer continues.  July will be a month of movement, clearing and free-flowing ideas.  You’ll find your mind moving rapidly, thus your work will be to aim it (tame it?) in the direction that supports you rather than stagnates.  We have some powerful astrological support that will inspire the optimist, ignite the activist and reveal the limits of the pragmatist.  We are best served to recognize all three are within and bring the Three into One unified force of positive Flow.  It is the optimist that brings forth inspiration, dreams and the thrust of feeling into life.  The optimist within is the nature of Life, constantly changing, refining, improving.  Optimism alone is merely a thoughtform, requiring the activist to speak it into existence.  The activist speaks, steps and begins to congeal desire into form by formulating the ideas into a call to action.  In our old world of struggle, the battle cry was ‘fight the power.’ This is the New World you are creating.  The battle cry is being replaced with the Call of Love.  It is only Love that heals the tears of the battlefield.  The activist realizes there is power within the Force of Love.  Not forcing Love, allowing Love its naturally flowing function of building new life into form.  Dreams almost come true.   The activist requires the pragmatist to form a solid structure.  Observing all the angles, gathering the proper materials, budgeting resources, managing the details of the actions required to build the new.  But a pragmatist alone is just a doer of what has been learned by what has been before, it requires the optimist to dream the new.  The circle is complete and the Three become One.  Three and one is four.  That is 2011.  July brings the uniting point to your phase of form that action began in June and you have opportunity for great momentum if you allow the optimist, activist and pragmatist to co-create new and stable structure.  What do you want to build in this world?  As we usher in the Age of Aquarius, all that serves the Whole serves the One.  Making the world a better place by sharing the gift of You isn’t just an idealist’s fancy, it's congruent with the Inherent Pull of Life.  How pragmatic is that!
The Eclipse and the Cardinal Grand Cross
 We begin the month with a powerful new moon solar eclipse in Cancer.  The moon rules Cancer.  On July 1, as the sun and moon align in an eclipse, we also enter into a potent alignment of the Cardinal Grand Cross, which began around the summer solstice in June.  A Cardinal Grand Cross is four planets squaring each other in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – each sign heralding a new season.  This Cardinal Grand Cross has a retrograde Uranus in Aries (combustible change), Saturn in Libra (refining balance), Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (transforming structures) and the sun (and moon for a few days) in Cancer (Active Compassion).  The fire of the summer alchemizes the new You.  What will you burn away?  What will arise from the Flame of Compassion?  This is the gift of You. 
 Uranus turns retrograde on 7/10 (through 12/10), our only change in retrogradations this month.   It is retrograde in Aries and part of the Cardinal Grand Cross.  This is a massive catalyst for inner alchemy that you will quickly see reflected in the outside world.  Also part of the Cardinal Grand Cross, Pluto is still retrograde in Capricorn (4/9-9/16).  There is a deep cleansing of our structures ruled by Capricorn, so you will continue to see corporations, governments – all sorts of public structures undergoing a massive upheaval and renewal.  The deconstruction is the messy part, so keep your eye on the prize as you continue to see and hear the destruction that is making way for the new.  Neptune is still retrograde in Pisces (6/3-11/9) so we are continuing the refinement of our ideals of All and One, Mystery and Form – finding them Connected and Separated.
The Moon
Three new/full moons this month – the catalyst to bring Three into One.  The month begins with the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer on 7/1.  Cancer is ruled by the moon, our inner tides reflecting the light of the sun.  On 7/14, the full moon in Capricorn shines forth our inner ambition.  Will you or won’t you?  I hope you Will.  The world needs your strong-willed determination founded in Love to build anew.  The pragmatist within is called to action from the emotional inspiration.  Build the dream! On 7/30 we have a new moon in creative and bountiful Leo.  Just the flair your new creation needs!

July is a month of opportunity.  Embrace the change, inspire the new and create in Joy.  It is a powerful month beckoning your Mastery out into the world.  It doesn’t matter if it feels personal, familial, community-al (?) or larger – they are all interconnected and influencing one another.  Your work is to inspire yourself to action as the building/action phase has begun.  What does that look like?  Your Joy.

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July Light Language Healing

Light Language is the language of Source flowing in the moment.  It is Creation Codes formed into sound.  Like a stem cell, Light Language awaits instruction to become complete.  You and Your Higher Self are the instructor.

When I run energy, I speak and sign Light Language.  Sometimes I get the direct translation, other times just the gist, other times I have no clue, but it pours out anyway, healing appropriately as sound is wont to do.  Light Language bypasses your conscious mind and allows you to heal without getting in your own way.  It works divinely with your body and spirit to release that which no longer serves you and activate that which your soul now desires for your journey.
This month I have asked that a healing be brought forth that is most appropriate for what each of us is going through in the month of July.     
Listen to it as much as you feel guided, as it will continue to offer the necessary energy of the moment for you.  You will also hear my body moving around as the energy moves through and manifests in physicality.

It should open automatically when you click on it, because most computers are setup to recognize an mp3 and open the appropriate program.  If it doesn’t work, you may need to download a newer (FREE-no need to sign up for anything) version of Quicktime or Media Player. Feel free to send this on to friends (they are not added to any list). 

July Healing and Activation

Have a Joyful July!

Love & Light,


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