Embrace Providence and change the world.

July 12, 2012

Providence is a word that is not often used these days, but two recent encounters have led me to believe that it may be one of the few ways to explain some of the things that happen in our lives. 
It began when I received an email from an old friend who had read my latest missive, Liberation and Loss. He wrote that he had been grappling with questions about his career and the future, and my message was, in his words, providential. 
Two days later, I was in Washington DC and I bumped into Deanna Jang, another long-time friend and colleague. I hadn’t seen Deanna in several years but as it happens among old friends, we quickly fell into a comfortable and familiar conversation.   Though our conversation occurred the day that the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act (and Deanna is one of the brainiest health care policy people I know), we didn’t talk about that topic at all.  Instead, we exchanged stories that captured where we had been in our lives, where we were, and where we hoped to go.  As we parted, Deanna said how provident it was that we saw each other on that historic day.  That was the second instance where this seldom-used word popped into the conversation.
Each day, people and ideas walk through our consciousness. These individuals may show up in the flesh, or maybe in a reflection. We might encounter new people through inspiring articles, or by way of synchronicity wherein a casual introduction opens a conversation that connects you back to someone we have known for years. 
It’s at that point of connection where providence can be fulfilled. If you embrace the opportunity, you may find yourself coming away inspired, uplifted, enlightened or even challenged. If you do nothing and retreat, providence may not be fulfilled – and you may miss out! 
I’m working with three organizations that are looking to establish themselves as conveners, connectors, partners and bridge builders in their respective fields.  I maintain that another role of these organizations is that of providence provider.  Providence providers create conditions for providence to happen, seek out those sparks of inspiration, provide a means to fuel those sparks, and take action.
If you, your organization and colleagues want to change the world, I suggest you embrace this notion of providence.  Go through that stack of articles you clipped or business cards you collected and see which ones speak to you.  Pass the article on or have a discussion with your colleagues about it.  Send an email to one of those contacts whose business card has been collecting dust in your drawer.  Chances are that providence has been waiting to kick in and connect you to a bigger and deeper well of resources and magic that will sustain your path and get you closer to the world you envision.


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