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           Writer's Workshop

Welcome to another week of writing and inspiration! Choose a prompt below, write a response and come link up your blog post on Thursday!

Writing Prompts For 09.01

1. Write a blog post in exactly 13 lines.
2. Write a post where the first and last sentence contain any form of the word “find.”
3. Write a blog post from your dog’s perspective.
4. Find a brunch recipe on Pinterest and try it out! Was it successful?
5. Share the story behind your current Facebook and/or Twitter profile photo.
6. What is sabotaging your plan to drop those extra pounds?

Next Week's Writing Prompts For 09.08


1. What did not get accomplished this summer that you wish you had time for?
2. Top 10 reasons why you are glad you are done with school.
3. Write a post that begins and ends with the same sentence.
4. Write a blog post that ends with the word: paid.
5. If you had more time, what is one last summer excursion you would plan for your family?
6. 10 Lessons your child could teach you for a change.

Last Week's Writer's Workshop Favorites!

"It was locked, but I thought that I could figure out what the combination was by trial and error." -The Sound of One Hand Typing

"There were no street lights, only an occasional light from a barn and a night sky filled with millions of stars. It was the perfect place for growing up.
-Birds of a Feather

"We can keep you on the edge of your seat during presidential elections." -Books, Dreams, Life

"For years and years, the only thing across the road from my house was heavy woods and a interesting old-fashioned, hand-hewn, split-log cabin set far back in the trees." -Choice Morsels

"We’re calling the baby Little Worf for now, and we can use all the prayers and positive thoughts you have to spare to get this little one to term!!" -The Jammie Girl

Remember to link up this Thursday and have a great week!


For more writing prompt inspiration check out the 31 August Writing Prompts and to learn more about Writer's Workshop or to get inspired by my handy dandy writing prompt generator filled with over 1,000 writing prompts, click here!!
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