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Across the Universe cover

Launching 1.11.11
ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is coming to a store near you!

On January 11, 2011, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE will be available nationwide! Make sure you get a copy--you're going to need it for the next epic contest I host in January! You can preorder now from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and, of course, your local indie bookstore! For signed copies, contact Fireside Books and Gifts.

Audio Book!

OH MY FREX YOU GUYS. Because I have the coolest publisher ever, I got advance copies of the audio book!!! Pics and more details coming on the blog soon, but--y'all, I'm just blown away. Lauren Ambrose and Carlos Santos sound just like Amy and Elder.

What's Next?

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is the first of a trilogy, so I'm currently hard at work on Book 2--which I think is going to surprise a lot of readers! I'm also working on two short stories--one for Merry Sisters of Fate (which will be available in January) and one for an anthology.

Happy Holidays!

After wrapping up the Epic Contest of Epic and mailing off all the prizes, I felt very much like Santa Claus! Winners should recieve their prizes before the New Year--and I've already heard from some people that they've gotten surprises in the mail! Please keep the updates coming; it makes my day to hear you got a prize and liked it. But if the mailman doesn't bring you something special, don't worry--I'll be hosting one more contest in January to celebrate the launch of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE! I've been gathering the prizes together for awhile now, and while there won't be 100 winners this time, the three who do win are going to win very awesome prizes, if I do say so myself. (A little peek at one of the (multiple) prizes above....)

Launch Plans

Other than the new contest on the blog, which will be announced the second week of January, there are some pretty awesome launch plans going on for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. First and foremost: a launch party! For those in the area, the book's launch will be January 11, at Fireside Books and Gifts in Forest City, NC. There will be food and prizes and, of course, books, so I do hope to see you there!

Also, I've posted my tour locations--I'm so excited about the chance to meet readers and friends in five different cities in February! More information is here--exact times and locations will be added as soon as I have the info. 

Signed Copies

If you can't make it to the launch party or one of the tour stops, but would still like a signed copy of the book, just give Fireside a call and they can hook you up. 


Reversible Cover

One of my very favorite things about the book design of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is the reversible cover. I wrote all about it here, but just remember--when you get your hardcover version of the book, make sure you slip off the dust jacket to see what's on the other side!

The League
If you like dystopian YA literature, make sure you check out the League of Extraordinary Writers. Not only do I blog there, too, but so do four other debut authors, including Julia Karr, whose book XVI is coming out the week before ACROSS THE UNIVERSE! *fistbump for January debs*

Thank you

Last but not least, I'd like to take a moment and thank everyone who's helped me get to where I am now: my agent, my editor, the entire Razorbill team, and most of all YOU--my readers who I've either just met or known all along on this crazy publication journey. 
Book Website

Book Website!

Coming Soon: Keep your eyes peeled for the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE official book website--Razorbill is working on some pretty amazing things for it that I, for one, can't wait to see! Right now it's a countdown page for the book launch, but soon there will be features that...well...I'll let you see it for yourself when it launches. The Facebook Page featured an illustration that provides a sneak peek at the design...
Book Trailer


I'm just going to say it: I freaking love my trailer. And I feel totally okay saying it because I had NOTHING to do with the awesome--it was all done by the fantastic awe-inspiring Razorbill team. It is narrated by Lauren Ambrose, who not only stared in the epitome of classic 90s party movies CAN'T HARDLY WAIT, but also is one of the narrators for the audio book. The other narrator for the audio book, Carlos Santos, reads the POV of Elder.

Check out the trailer here.
Recommended Read

Recommended Read!

THE REPLACEMENT: This deliciously creepy book by debut author Brenna Yovanoff is fantastically unique and one of my best 2010 reads. I love the horror setting and scary characters, but the moral questions it raises are what will really keep you up at night.

Find out more here.
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