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Each day, millions cook, but many are not sure about the WHYS & WHATS of Cooking

People began cooking to make high energy meat, poultry and fish safer to eat.  Today, that is still a primary reason for cooking. Why? Because these foods still carry bacteria and viruses that can make people sick.

Modern cooking is no longer done only over burning fires or hot coals. 

Today, we have many cooking devices, but some of these devices require special care when cooking raw meat, poultry or fish.

For example, microwave cooking can result in uneven cooking, which means that microwaved food may have pockets of bacteria or viruses. For safety, follow USDA’s microwave cooking recommendations.

Likewise, crock pot cooking on the low setting may not reach a high enough temperature to kill bacteria or viruses. If possible, turn the crock pot on the highest setting for the first hour and then switch to “low.” For cooking times of 9-12 hours, it is safe to use the low setting for the entire time.

What You Need to Know

  • Cooking heats food to kill bacteria and viruses living on the surface or inside the food.
  • Cooking continues after removing an item from the heat source. Follow “rest time” or "stand time" instructions to ensure that food is fully cooked.

Routine Thermometer Use
can prevent unwanted and
dangerous foodborne illnesses!

September is
Food Safety Education Month!
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