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Would You Have Stood by the Prophet (pbuh) in Medina?

When our dear Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah (swt) be upon him, and the first Muslims sought refuge in Yathrib, many from the city welcomed them with open arms. These welcomers came to be known as the ansaar, “helpers,” and their city adorned the honor of becoming Madinat al-Nabi, “City of the Prophet.”

In today’s time, countless children, women, and men of the Ummah remain in search of refuge in lands far from their own. With sores on their feet, they walk from Syria to surrounding areas, looking to kindle a new hope. With nothing left to their name, they travel from Burma to country after country, hoping for a livelihood and simply a chance to uphold their identity. With malnourishment and war nipping at their heels, they flee from countries like Iraq and Sudan in pursuit of sheer survival.

Since 2003, Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) has been active in helping our sisters and brothers who have sought refuge in the US. We have served Palestinian, Iraqi, Somali, Syrian, and Rohingya communities. ZF’s approach is innovative in that we move from resettlement to empowerment. One such example is with the Rohingya Culture Center.

The Chicago, Illinois establishment of the Rohingya Cultural Center is a safe space for the Rohingya refugees to come together as a community and to learn language skills that help them succeed in the US. “In all other countries, I never had some organization help like this,” said Nasir Bin Zakaria, one of the Rohingya refugee community leaders in Chicago. “Without Zakat Foundation, we can’t do activities like this.”

As our refugee sisters and brothers build a new future in the US, ZF continues to welcome them with open arms and remains dedicated to serving their needs and helping them settle into their new home. Today, we urge you to do as the ansaar did as they welcomed our beloved Prophet (pbuh) into a new land. Please give with a generous heart and support our refugee sisters and brothers as they strive towards a brighter future.

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Pictured Above: Rohingya refugee children in Chicago, IL show excitement over new winter clothing provided by ZF.


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