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Here’s a useful tool for choosing black masking whether you’re interested in a sewn curtain or just draping material. The fabrics below are ranked in descending order of price and described in terms of opacity, blackness, weight, width and use. Some of these fabrics are also rated for acoustic properties so click through to their product pages, and view the "Technical Info" tab on those pages to see more. Keep this chart handy for the next time you need masking by bookmarking this link. Rose Brand makes it easy. 

IFR SYNTHETICS, BLACK MASKING (in descending order of price)

Fabric Width Blackness Light Block / Opacity Comments
25 oz. Charisma 54" Best IFR Black 90% The most widely used IFR velour for permanent masking; superior sound absorbency
22 oz. Encore 64" Good 99% The Standard for schools, durable and wrinkle resistant, matte finish
20 oz. Crescent 54" Superior 90% Widely used for high end tours and permanent house masking
23 oz. Athena 60" Superior 95% Good for schools and arena reduction masking
14 oz. Magician 54" Superior 85% Very black light weight napped velour
13 oz. Apollo 54" Good 85% Most economical napped IFR velour
15 oz. Encore 62" Good 70% The standard for rental masking, durable and wrinkle resistant
16 oz. Athena 60" Superior 90% Great for arena reduction masking
12 oz. Brava 54" Standard 100% The most economical IFR light blocking masking
IFR 16 oz. Commando 62" Standard 99% The most economical 99% light blocking masking

FR NATURAL FIBER, BLACK MASKING (in descending order of price)

Fabric Width Blackness Light Block / Opacity Comments
25 oz. Wizard 54" Best 85% Super light absorbency
20 oz. Merlin 59" Superior 90% The blackest, most light absorbing
32 oz. Magic 54" Superior 99% Heavy weight deep pile for large venues
30 oz. Wool Serge 59" Good 99% No nap/pile direction. Most popular in Europe.
25 oz. Memorable 54" Superior 99% Most widely used cotton velour for permanent masking
21 oz. Marvel 54" Good 90% Widely used for show masking
16 oz. Commando 54" Standard 99% The most economical masking that is opaque
12 oz. Light Weight Commando 54" Standard 70% A good buy when opacity isn't necessary
8 oz. Duvetyn 54" Standard 50% The most economical masking for covering areas, but not for blocking light
Acoustical Test Reports available under the product's Technical Information tab.
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