Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park

From 12-Noon to 2pm Today
Call: 311
Tweet: @nycmayor @billdeblasio
Time is running out...
The Heart of Bushwick Inlet Park
is in danger of being lost to developers.
Tell Mayor DeBlasio to bring the
CitiStorage Deal
Across the Finish Line Now!
#wheresourpark #brokenpromises

Our Dear Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park,

This pictured turf tells a thousand words:

New York City's open space ratio per person: 158 sq ft.
North Brooklyn's: 26 sq ft. Our turf - Ouch!

Today we must Tell Mayor de Blasio to deliver the park that Brooklyn was promised!

The City has done a great thing by making a generous offer for the final parcel of Bushwick Inlet Park. The time is now to close this deal with the land owner. The City and the owner of the CitiStorage property have been in discussions, and we believe that both sides are close. Close enough that the time is now to close this deal. Please call 311 to tell Mayor de Blasio to please bring the CitiStorage property out of harm's way, and Tweet him as well @nycmayor @billdeblasio #wheresourpark now!  Please act today.

A lasting legacy awaits the Mayor and North Brooklyn longs to have this painful broken promise mended. 

Please pitch in to help the fight to Save Bushwick Inlet Park... 
Make a Tax Deductible Donation today.

Get involved in other ways.

Yours in Open Space for All,
Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park


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