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The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield: A Prison Diary
(Myrdle Court Press: London, 2013)


The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield: A Prison Diary

“A must read! This is such an important work and should be read by everyone. I couldn't put it down. 5 out of 5 Stars“

On Wednesday 27th March 2013, The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield; A Prison Diary was launched at the Artizan Street Library in the City of London. The event brought together a number of compelling speakers on UK prisons - click for photos of launch and information on speakers.

Along with the 6 month politically motivated prison sentence, Trenton was unusually lumped with paying 'the crowns' court costs. The diary has been published in order to raise the money needed to pay the these costs/fines.

ORDER NOW: £12.99 (£14.99 including shipping)  

"This is a wonderful read. Mr Oldfield writes from the heart and the book is full of humour and compassion which despite the adversity, is never jaded". 5 out of 5 Stars

The Queen vs Trenton Oldfield: A Prison Diary confronts and challenges many preconceived ideas held about prisoners and prisons.

"A book for our time...prison life as a reflection of society. I highly recommend this book." 5 out of 5 Stars

Spread across 308 pages, the book includes a visual archive of prison material – from dishes and food items, to clothing and paperwork. It also contains critical articles; a guide to prison resources and a transcript of the trial.

"An Excellent Read. There is another aspect to the book which gives us a glimpse into the way the UK deals with political dissidents". 5 out of 5 Stars. 
ORDER NOW: £12.99 (£14.99 incl shipping)
SUBJECT AREAS: protest, resistance, visual culture, law, architecture, urban geography, prisons, prisoners, class, cities, spatial justice, anthropology, critiques of Marxists, racism, archives, deficit of democracy, solidarity. 

"When the political becomes the personal. It is a fascinating read, rendered without glamour or sensationalism. Trenton is an insightful commentator and not just on the prison system." 5 out of 5 Stars

CONTRIBUTORS: Nina Power, Brenna Bhandar,  Steve Rushton,  Deepa Naik, and Julian Dobson.
ORDER NOW: £12.99 (£14.99 incl shipping)

05 May 2013 - Trenton will speak at the launch of the Defend the Right to Protest's Cambridge chapter.

11 May 2013 - Book will be available at the Myrdle Court Press stand at the London Radical Bookfair for a special price of £10.00.

18 July 2013 - Trenton will join a panel at Bishopsgate Institute's 'Modern Day Protest' discussion.
Critical Cities Vol 3

New reviews of Critical Cities Volume 3 available here.

"Coming from a place both within and well beyond the confines of academia, in the end, Critical Cities volume 3 is yet another excellent contribution to the process of imagining our post-capitalist urban futures."  John Finn, Human Geography: A New Radical Journal

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