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Rummin’ Tings

Rummin’ Tings
G/F, 28 Hollywood Road,
Central, 2523 7070;
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Hi Nick

If you’ve been paying attention to the advice of your local barman, and you should, you’ll know that premium rum is picking up pace in Asia like a McLaren P1, and for good reason. Like its brown spirit brothers, rum is a beautiful, complex drop with a rich texture and even richer history. Originally made from molasses, a by-product of the sugar-making process considered by early Caribbean plantation owners to be an industrial waste, rum has matured beyond the likes of Captains Jack Sparrow and Archibald Haddock, and like any stylish trend, it’s about time you took a closer look.

Fortunately Hong Kong’s newest rum haven, Rummin’ Tings, has opened on Hollywood Road and promises a distinctly Caribbean approach to the good stuff. The brain child of Harsh and Rohit Roopchand and Manesh and Manoj Chellaram, Rummin’ Tings features plenty of hard-to-source drops – the beautifully aged Angostura 1824 from Trinidad is reason enough to go – as well as a list of rum-laced cocktails and authentic Caribbean bar snacks created by chef Bwoy Kristofer Olbrich. Match a signature Dutty Wine – a heady mix of Bacardi Superior, Gosling Gold, and Pink Pigeon rum, red wine, cloves, and cinnamon, with Sticky Island ribs or the Jamrock jerk chicken with tamarind aioli, and begin your rum revision to a soundtrack of Afro Caribbean beats.

As they say in Jamaica, “A yasso nice!”


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