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The Commodore's Log

Honorary Membership Conferred:
Rosalie Bostick

 by Lenox C. Grasso, FYC Commodore, Port Captain MdR 
Lenox Grasso is the FYC Commodore and MdRH Port Captain. He joined FYC MdRH in 2010 after many years of sailing the Eastern Seaboard, Great Lakes, Bahamas, Caribbean, to Cuba, Panama, Bermuda, and Spain. Educated at Yale and Harvard, Lenox worked in federal defense and in expert systems with IBM, Naval Intelligence, NY Hospital, and at Harvard University. Lenox is a USCG 100-Ton Master and now works at ASA (Certs 107-108, 200-206, 211-218).
Rear Commodore's Report MdR
FYC Log Sheets: Your Checklist for a Safe, Enjoyable Sail. (Photo by Drew Baldwin)

View From The Rear

 by Drew Baldwin, Rear Commodore MdR 

If you’ve ever taken a flying lesson, you know that aviators are big on checklists. Even for experienced pilots, relying on memory alone for procedures is not enough. Checklists ensure every critical task gets completed, because forgetting an item—putting down the landing gear, for example—can be disastrous. So aircraft engineers and designers take great care to work out the steps on checklists, whether for pre-departure, take off, landing, emergency, or post-flight.
As many of you may know, the Fairwind Yacht Club evolved out of the Hughes Aircraft Company Engineer Sailing Club. And so the legacy of the checklist extends here as well. Like pilots, we sailors at FYC also use a pre-departure checklist to ensure everything is in order before to leaving the dock. It’s right there in the Log Sheet.
As we enter into the high season, and our boats get used more often and by more members, it is more important than ever that we take the time and carefully go through the Log Sheet checklist before going out and after as we are putting boats away.
Our boat chiefs have taken care to develop and update the Log Sheet checklists so that our Club can run smoothly and safely. Please remember to make the time—at least half an hour after you expect to return to the dock—to clean and put the boat away, ensuring each item on the checklist is addressed.
And if something is out of order when you arrive at the boat, please note it in the log sheet so we can address the issue with the previous reservation holder.
If we all take a little more care with each item on the Log Sheet checklists, we can ensure our boats stay in service and in pleasant condition for all our members and guests.  

Please, forward all questions/concerns to me at:
Drew Baldwin, Rear Commodore MdR
Drew Baldwin is the Rear Commodore for FYC MdR, and serves on both the FYC MdR Harbor Committee and the Fairwind Board. He's an ASA Instructor, a USCG Vessel Examiner, and a certified Dockwalker for the California Coastal Commission. He got his California Boater Card, and so should you (now required if you're under 45).
Safety Chair Report MdR

Look and Think Before Acting

by Ken Murray, MD, Safety Chair MdR
Rambalay out of service with a broken mast. It came down during work-day Tuesday, March 29, 2022, and injured one member. (Photo by Ron Sasiela)

Of course, in the last newsletter, I jinxed the Club, when I mentioned we'd had no accidents in the last 6 months.  Last Tuesday, we had two.  One was a boat accident, one was not. In both cases, there appears, at first glance, to have been issues with situational awareness. 

In both cases, a decision was made at a critical point in time, followed by an action that went unexpectedly wrong. Both are being investigated per Club protocols.  I reiterate, when you are entering a situation that might have consequences, give what you are doing a second thought as to the outcome if something were to go wrong.
Ken Murray joined Fairwind in 2005, serving as Secretary, Fleet Captain, Fleet Surgeon, and Commodore.  Until 3 years ago, when an illness knocked him down, he was an instructor for all boats in the fleet, and all the usual ASA levels.
Fairwind Feature Story

Spring Cleaning!

by Timothy Ford
Tim Ford (right) leads balloon hunting in the Santa Monica Bay with some out-of-town friends. (Photo by Tim Ford)

On a recent weekend I was lucky enough to have some out-of-town friends visiting who wanted to go sailing. What luck! I now had a crew for my favorite sailing activity: A Balloon Hunt! 

Much like the bygone Whale Hunts, a good balloon hunt starts with a lookout, a sharp-eyed Foremast Jack, gazing out to sea searching for that telltale glint off a Mylar Balloon. We had an extra advantage over the balloons this hunt as my lovely wife bought me a pair of Steiner Navigator Pro binoculars as a birthday gift, I highly recommend them. With a good glass it was quick to distinguish the Birds from the Balloons and the integrated compass gave our lookout an instant bearing which could be called back to the helm in a very seamanlike manner.

“There she flashes, a shiny pink heart bearing zero two two!”

We heard the hail, no longer were we uninspired sailors aimlessly close hauled for routine’s sake, now we were on an intercept course. The chase was on! 

The mate climbs into position at the windward shroud, a cold steely look in their eyes as their fingers slowly grip around their aluminum plastic tipped boat hook. They think “If it’s a fast floater I’ll thrust the lance down to pop it, then a quarter twist to pull it up OR if there’s a long string maybe I’ll risk a spaghetti twirl and bring it up alive and let my boat knife get a taste of helium."

As the prey draws nearer sheets are let loose to let go of speed, the helmsman plies the wheel to keep the balloon just to windward of the bow. Once upon the balloon the helm loses sight of it, but in a flash the mate thrusts down and up. The helmsmen know their course was true as the hook is raised and onto the deck plops a dripping, glistening, plastic mess that once was the harbinger of some holiday, birthday, or used car sales event. 

“ANOTHER FLASH BEARING THREE FOUR FOUR!!” the lookout bellows, the sails are set, the course is laid, and the next chase begins!

That day we hauled in 8 balloons (Including a red heart, a pink heart, a pink number two, a colorful cube reading “Happy Birthday”, a gold number zero with most of the gold mylar flaked off, and one floating plastic bag of trash. Oh… also when we were over Redondo Canyon, we were surrounded by dozens of pods of common bottlenose dolphins. There must have been 80 to 100 dolphins jumping around and chasing the fish. It was the most spectacular dolphin scene anyone every clapped eyes on in Santa Monica Bay, it was incredible. 

Attached is a photo of our Balloon Hunt Crew on Osprey’s foredeck with our prize catches. 

Tim Ford grew up sailing in San Diego. As a teenager, he taught children sailing in Mission Bay. In college, he crewed on Chicago’s Tall Ship “Windy”. He is a sail trim nerd. His primary career is that of a Production Designer for moving images, but considers Gentleman Sailor of Leisure his secondary job. He’s ready to accept work in either field.
Cruising News

FYC Channel Islands Harbor: 
Santa Cruz Island Cruise

 by Scott Kelly, Port Captain CIH

Our first scheduled Island Cruise of the 2022 season is slated for Friday April 29th thru Sunday May 1st. The cruise leaves early Friday morning and arrives back in the afternoon on Sunday.

We have seven boats reserved for the weekend, with a total of 31 places available.

We will again find ourselves in one or more anchorages at Santa Cruz Island over the weekend, likely Smuggler's, Scorpion, Prisoner's, Coches Prietos, Albert's, or Pelican Harbors, depending on weather conditions.

One of the great benefits of FYC are our Club Cruises. Here's an opportunity for club members to spend the weekend sailing with other club members, overnight in pristine and beautiful anchorages, increasing our sailing knowledge in a really fun social setting.

This is a particularly excellent opportunity for our newer members, particularly those who have not experienced a cruise to the islands, to cruise with an experienced skipper and crew. And for our more experienced members it is a great opportunity to start new friendships, re-kindle old friendships, and impart some of our knowledge to the less experienced--as we have been given that experience by others over the years.

Our cruises are very popular. Sign up quickly for a berth--and don't miss the boat!

If you have any questions, comments, to sign up, or just say hello, please email me.

To sign up for this cruise, please email Scott Kelly, CIH Cruise Chair, at:

Scott Kelly
CIH Cruise Chair
ASA 201, 203, 204, 205, 206, 214, 218 Instructor

Scott Kelly has been a member of FYC CIH since 2009. He was on the Board of Directors as Fleet Captain 2011-2012, Port Captain 2016-2017, and Commodore 2016-2017. Currently CIH Cruise Chair. He is an ASA 201, 203, 204, 205, 206, 214, and 218 Instructor. He is also certified as Master Scuba Diver, surfs, and is happiest on, in, or under the water.
Cruising News

FYC 2022 Cruise Schedule For MdR

 by Arlene de Anda, Cruise Chair MdR
It’s official!  We can confirm the fourth club cruise to Buccaneer Days at Two Harbors on Oct. 6 – 8.  Check this link for info about the 32nd Annual Buccaneer Days for activities onshore.

Here is the FYC MDR Club Cruise Schedule in its entirety.
  • May 27-29: 
    Community Appreciation Weekend - Emerald Bay, Catalina
  • July 22-23: 
    King Harbor - Redondo Beach Sail Under the Stars
  • Sept. 16-18: 
    Two Harbors - Catalina
  • Oct. 6-8:
    Buccaneer Days - Two Harbors

An invitation to sign up to skippers or crew will be emailed to all members in good standing about a month before each cruise.

Questions or concerns?  Please email Arlene de Anda at
Arlene de Anda is the FYC MdR Cruise Chair and  Fairwind Mentor.  As an educator, she organized family field trips since 2000, so hundreds of families could explore nature at the non-profit Emerald Bay Outdoor Academy where she serves on its advisory board.  Arlene shared her love of sailing by forming several partnerships with university and non-profit sailing schools to provide lessons for elementary through high school students to engage in STEM learning on the water.
About the Header Image

Navigation and Art in Amsterdam

 by Patrica Nazario, FYC Newsletter Editor
This outdoor gallery, at Amsterdam's Eye Museum, focuses on the global LGBQT community, and their individual experiences in their native homelands. (Photo by Patricia Nazario)
The image is taken from the short film, Nummer acht, by Dutch filmmaker and visual artist, Guido van der Werve. In it, there's a vast expanse of ice with a solitary figure in the middle, trudging ahead as a huge icebreaker creeps slowly behind.

Critics say the image leaves an indelible impression. Over the past two decades, this artist has built up an impressive body of work, and it's on exhibit at the Eye Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. To learn more about the museum for film and the art of the moving image, click here.
Patricia Nazario is the FYC Newsletter Editor. She discovered sailing in the summer of 2019 and joined FYC in 2020. Educated at UCLA and Columbia University in NYC, Patricia is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist. Patricia began her career as a reporter on local TV news and on National Public Radio (NPR). She learned Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has traveled across most of Central/South America. Patricia holds an ASA 101 certification.
Boating News

California Boater Card

by Patricia Nazario, FYC Newsletter Editor
In California, each year a new age group is added to boaters who are required to have a valid card. For 2021, the law requires everyone 40 years old or younger to have a card. By 2025, everybody on the water will be required to have one. Once issued, the card remains valid for life.
Take the BoatUS Foundation's free online course.
Apply for your boater's card.
Patricia Nazario is the FYC Newsletter Editor. She discovered sailing in the summer of 2019 and joined FYC in 2020. Educated at UCLA and Columbia University in NYC, Patricia is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist. Patricia began her career as a reporter on local TV news and on National Public Radio (NPR). She learned Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has traveled across most of Central/South America. Patricia holds an ASA 101 certification.
Get Involved!

Training, Volunteer Sign-Up, Credits, and Guidelines

by Patricia Nazario, FYC Newsletter Editor

MdR Harbor Orientation:

FYC Level-2 ASA Instructor Alex Van Name put together this 10-page document to help people find their way around MdR.  

Volunteer Spreadsheet:

In our last Membership Meeting on Wednesday, June 30, 2021, there was some concern about ways to contribute to our community when making a workday Tuesday is impossible. FYC Level-2 ASA Instructor Alex Van Name created this sign-up sheet. Basically, members can post their skills and availability, so that others may reach out if there's a match. This sign-up sheet will remain an active part of our monthly newsletter. 

Join The Newsletter Editorial Team:

If you'd like to write, research, and/or take/edit pictures, now's the time to put your fabulous talents to work for our amazing club. The FYC Editorial Team is expanding, and looking to tap our creative members to contribute to monthly newsletter. For more info, please contact Newsletter Editor Patricia Nazario at

Newsletter Submission Guidelines:

Our newsletter is a safe space for our community to share ideas, thoughts, information, and experiences. The content we generate is intended to inform, inspire and encourage us, all, to become better sailors, and better dial into the lifestyle we so enjoy. Articles should be topical, teach lessons/skills, or keep members up to date on current events. If you've had an amusing experience, or have done something unusual related to sailing, we'd love to share it! Here's how it works.
1) We publish the second Saturday of the month to coincide with FYC Open House
2) Longer articles may be split into sequential parts for brevity.
3) The submission deadline is the end of the month (for the following month's issue).
4) Accompany your story/article with photos/illustrations.
5) Include a 125x125 self-portrait and a 60-word mini-bio.

Please submit only your original photos for the newsletter header and the Fairwind Feature Photo section to:

Please submit story ideas, questions, and/or comments to:

Thank you!
Patricia Nazario
FYC Editor
Patricia Nazario is the FYC Newsletter Editor. She discovered sailing in the summer of 2019 and joined FYC in 2020. Educated at UCLA and Columbia University in NYC, Patricia is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist. Patricia began her career as a reporter on local TV news and on National Public Radio (NPR). She learned Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has traveled across most of Central/South America. Patricia holds an ASA 101 certification.
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