Take advantage of our back to school special! Surprising healthy meals your kids will love . Animal instincts.
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Back to School Special
Pencils, check. Backpack, check. Lunchbox, check. Healthy, quick food ideas to fill the lunchbox? Help! And what are you going to feed your starving kids when they come home from school? Take your organization to the next level and start the school year off right with our Back to School Special! Use coupon code school to receive four weeks of free menus with no obligation! Sign up now!

Animal Instincts
Earlier in the summer when we visited the Grandparents, we took our very spoiled “1st born” dog, Millie, along. She is such a princess puppy that she is even a picky eater. I have never had a dog be a picky eater and it drives me crazy. Especially because I know deep down that I created this prima donna by feeding her home-cooked, organic dog food the first few years of her life – until we had kids and then it was kibble du jour for poor Millie. My in-laws have two dogs that Millie must compete with for food, attention and doggie territory rights. 

My point to all this doggie talk is when Millie had to compete for her food she was no longer a picky eater.  She devoured every bite of that dog food and swiped the other dog’s dinner as well. I have NEVER seen this pup eat like that. The other morning I noticed the EXACT same phenomenon with the two boys!  Read more...

This Week's Menu

This week you simply must try our delicious meals including our moist chicken burgers on Italian bread and our light chicken feta and penne pasta. This meal tastes equally good the next day, making it the perfect lunch-box meal or one last summer picnic. If you have never grilled pork loin, give it a try with our grilled pork and corn salsa. So easy, yet so impressive. For lunch, your kids will love our gourmet kiddy pineapple and feta pita pizza, avocado grilled cheese and pinto bean burrito. Get this week's menu...
Southwest corn and fish stew
Southwest fish and corn stew
Sometimes even my kids surprise me with what they will ask for more and more of. This dish is a huge hit at our home especially with me because its packed full of healthy peppers and fish! This fish stew captures the taste of summer. Get the recipe...

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