Three things you learned in college to help survive family meals.  Chicken pot pie, pumpkin waffles.  View it in your browser.
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Three things you learned in college to survive family meals (By Jennifer Davis)
By now, we are all familiar with the statistics touting the benefits of the family meal. Studies show that families who make a habit of eating dinner together have kids who do better in school, have higher self esteem, stay away from drugs, make their beds without having to be asked and floss regularly. I exaggerate, but only a little—eating dinner together is important.  Read more or comment...

This Week's Menu

We have officially put away the flip flops and moved on to bigger and better things like chicken pot pie! Never has homemade pot pie been faster or more delicious. No one will know you didn't spend the entire day making this concoction! We also have a shortcut recipe for restaurant quality French onion soup. Don't discount this soup for kids. The onions become sweet and surprisingly kid friendly--especially when topped with delicious bread and melted cheese! Continue the fall fix with our pumpkin waffles, chili pasta and sage veal with mashed sweet potatoes!   Get this week's menu or register now!....
Apple cranberry oatmeal
Gnocchi with asparagus mushroom sauce
Gnocchi is a fast and fun way to shake up your pasta routine. Paired with asparagus and mushrooms it is comfort food at its finest! If your kids aren't fans of asparagus substitute their favorite veg. My husband thinks he doesn't like mushrooms so I simply chop them up very small. One strategic error though... don't leave the mushrooms on the counter for him to see!!  Get the recipe or register now...
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