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Collecting Inert Ammo and Ordinance

Dear friends of Warstuff,

AFTER TWO YEARS of free service to you, we’ve implemented paid memberships for Sellers. Visitors and Buyers still get the benefit from a completely free service, but as our militaria selling platform is reaching maturity with plenty of Buyer interest and features to rival the best mainstream auction sites, we felt now was the time to take the step to ensure we can keep on delivering WARSTUFF to you. You can read more about our new premium Seller service here

In the mean time, here is our newest militaria buying guide.


Top 5 Tips for for Safely Collecting Inert Ammunition

and Ordnance

LIKE MANY COLLECTING FOCUSSES, militaria collectors with a passion for acquiring inert ammunition have many influences, be they stories from their grandfather’s tales of WW2, or sight of a war veteran’s souvenir grenade on a top shelf in their garage. But this is a potentially lethal collecting focus, inert ammunition is often almost impossible to tell apart from live ammunition. Here are our top five tips for helping to collect safely.

Ammunition in the widest sense of the word covers anything that can be used as a weapon including aerial bombs, missiles, mines, grenades, artillery shells and firearms cartridges. Deactivated and inert ammunition means it is free from explosive and can no longer cause injury in the way the manufacturer intended. Ammunition makes a popular war souvenir and it can be acquired from militaria dealers and marketplaces for very little cost. Even the most collectable ammunition does not trade for significant values meaning you can build an impressive collection even on a budget.

You may already be an expert on ammunition and ordnance yourself, or you may be completely new to collecting it. Whichever you are, Here are our top 5 tips to help you stay safe if you’re planning on collecting inert ammunition:  Read More >>


Militaria Spotlight

Every month we pick out a few items you can buy today on WARSTUFF:

Full case of inert 'Cold War' F1 'defensive' fragmentation grenades. Retain their original paint and inert fuses  >>

Very collectable 1942; Named RAF / RCAF Air Bomber medal set, service book, sight log book & boxed Air Ministry bomb sight >>

Original, single Luftwaffe decal, M41 round edge ‘stahlhelm’ helmet found in a house clearance >>

Superb complete, deactivated 1939 German MG11 Heavy Machine Gun & tripod. >>

WW2 Named British Officers jacket & trousers with medal group  >>

Rare original Kriegsmarine U-Boat 22 pocket watch, dated 1940, Swastika marked>>

Twitter Roundup #28

Here are some of the military history links that we've liked and shared with our community this past month:

* WW2 unexploded Retaliation V-2 Weapon discovered stuck in the mud in UK witnessed by a local but then forgotten. Recovery photos >>

* Pulled from a river in Yorkshire, a £3M restoration has turned around 40 years of decay for a very rare Mk1 RAF Spitfire >>

* Dorset Tank Museum finally completes its major restoration project of the WW2 German Tiger Tank 131, back to original working order >>

* German U-boat wreck or an X-craft submarine? Discovery during scan of the River Foyle in Belfast prompts assembly of a dive team to investigate >>

* The Last Dambuster crew member; WW2 RAF airman meets modern pilot from Dambuster squadron he helped immortalise 69 years ago >>

* Vietnam War helicopter vets and other volunteers assemble an example of the legendary Huey chopper for the Oakland Museum in California. Great set of pics >>

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