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Two Artists. Two Must Attend Shows.
Kevin Box — Art San Diego Nov. 6-9, 2014 David Fenton — SPECTRUM Miami Dec. 3-7, 2014
  Metal is a cold, heavy medium, but two contemporary artists are exploring innovative new ways to make it weightless and vibrant. We’d like to introduce you to Kevin Box and David Fenton.
Kevin Box, Light Boat
Kevin Box, Light Boat

Kevin Box
Exhibiting at ART SAN DIEGO, November 6-9
SPECTRUM Miami, December 3-7

Kevin’s work celebrates the delicate nature of paper in museum-quality metal. The papermaker-turned-sculptor developed an “organic burnout” process that captures the essence of paper in all its delicate, subtle detail.

Many of the works are designed to withstand the outdoors, the test of time, as well as fingertips. Please touch; I invite you to explore the work in its physical form. Be touched; I invite you to discover the meaning of the work, the stories and ideas beneath its surface.”
—Kevin Box

Explore Kevin’s large, inviting works up close at the 6th edition of ART SAN DIEGO this November 6-9 at Balboa Park. San Diego’s largest contemporary art fair will present an international collection of established and emerging galleries, along with informative lectures, special events and signature ART SAN DIEGO programs. Get tickets

Kevin will also be exhibiting at SPECTRUM Miami, December 3-7 in Midtown Miami. A five-day fine art experience, SPECTRUM features exceptional contemporary art, special events, cocktail parties, live entertainment and much more.


David Fenton, New Exacerbation
David Fenton, New Exacerbation

David Fenton
Exhibiting at SPECTRUM Miami
December 3-7

David Fenton’s artistic process begins with a sheet of metal. He then etches into it with angle grinders, brushes and other tools, and proceeds to print his photography and illustrations on top for a holographic effect. He has shot in zoos, aquariums and many other locations, but he loves working with marine life in particular.

My recent work demonstrates a stark contrast between action and inaction. Some of the imagery represents a storage of great energy and potential which lies dormant but is on the verge of release. Various objects are sometimes anchored to demonstrate stagnation. Often they float, as I myself am drawn to weightlessness. We all wish to be weightless. To float. To hover. To fly. We all live vicariously through creatures which defy gravity.”
—David Fenton

David will be exhibiting at SPECTRUM Miami this December, in the heart of Art Week Miami.



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