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October 2016



We have decided to crowdfund Peirene Now! No 2 on kickstarter. And we now need to raise £6500. Please help us by pledging £12 - or even a bit more.

As we all know publishing books is expensive. The up-front costs are high, and there is of course no guarantee that sales will return that money. Usually, our subscription service means that our readers pre-order our series; we can then afford to produce our carefully edited books. The Peirene Now! books are a little different. They are not included in our usual series, and so we don’t know how many readers will buy until the book is released. As a small publisher, with tight margins, this is a high-risk book for us. But we also believe it is important, and something only a small publisher would be brave enough to undertake.

Published on the first anniversary of the EU referendum on June 23rd 2017, Peirene Now! No 2: The Cut, by Anthony Cartwright will be a fictional exploration of the forces that split Britain in two.

The Cut is a wound, of course, but it is more than that.
Cairo Jukes walks the towpaths of "the cut", the Black Country term for the canals that web this small region of England, the open veins of an old industrial order.
And then there is Dudley – a town at the heart of the Black Country – where a young woman runs through the market-place with her clothes on fire.
Who she is? Why is she burning? And what part has Cairo played in her life?
We follow these two characters across a single day in Brexit-era Britain.

'I want to write this book because, like many people, in the days after the referendum I felt angry. But I quickly realized that my anger was different. I was outraged at a reaction which labelled seventeen and a half million people "stupid" or "racist" or simply lacking (too old, too poor, too far away from London, too white). In The Cut, I want to analyse the complex divisions undermining British society. We've been offered too many answers already, this is a story built on questions.' – Anthony Cartwright, author of The Cut

'The result of the EU referendum shocked me. I realized that I had been living in one part of a divided country. What fears – and what hopes – drove my fellow citizens to vote for Brexit? I commissioned Anthony Cartwright to build a fictional bridge between the Britains that opposed each other on referendum day.' – Meike Ziervogel, publisher of The Cut

Every pledge of £12 or more will receive a copy of The Cut on publication in June 2017. This is the cover-price of the book, and includes packing & postage.

Depending on how much you are able to pledge, we also offer other goddies, such as a day at Peirene HQ or an assessment of your character by Peirene herself, if you give her three of your favourite book titles. In my view – that’s really an opportunity not to be missed :-)

To watch a short film of Anthony and myself talking about the project and to pledge, please click here. Both, the Nymph and I would be hugely grateful for your support.

Our forthcoming events:

This Wednesday, 5th October, at Waterstones Piccadilly: Peirene Now! No 1 breach launch: The authors, Olumide Popoola and Annie Holmes, will be in discussion with myself as the book’s editor. The event will be chaired by Lucy Popescu. Wine will be served. Everyone welcome. Entry is free. But please book by emailing my assistant James  or Waterstones.

Booking for our next Salon on 3rd December at 7.30pm is now open. An evening of literature, dinner & wine. The stars of the night will be Olumide Popoola and Annie Holmes. Everyone welcome. Please book your tickets here.

Best wishes Meike


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