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Just the Tip #32
Keep Up the Good Work
Rewind to last week...

"I'm going to need to be sure to focus now," I said to myself as Jessica and I published Doing Thinking Feeling Being—our most comprehensive project to date. Thinking constantly about one project is nice in that it distracts the mind from resistant thoughts. Eventually, though, the mind craves respite. 

"But you need rest," my mind says, "You worked tirelessly on this project, and finally finished it. You deserve a reward." That's a fair request, I concede. I do believe wholeheartedly in the importance of rest periods.

Savasana (corpse pose), as author Danielle Laporte explains, is done at the end of a yoga session as a way of integrating the benefits of the work done in the session. It's important, she continues, to take this act of debriefing in between projects as well so that we may synthesize what we've learned into "empowering insights for the next journey".

What I'm learning, though, is the difference between resting the mind and resting the spirit. Because the spirit never rests. The flow is always flowing. 

"I'm resting," I thought to myself the next day as I lazily went through the motions, "Why do I feel bad?" When I thought I was resting, I was really resisting the flow. By sleeping late and lackadaisically approaching my day, I was resisting the flow. Without the distraction of a project, it was easy for my mind to fall back into old patterns.

The fact that I didn't immediately attack the day with the same fervor I had been practicing made it easier for my mind to wander. It's like a fast-moving vehicle suddenly coming to a complete stop. I was quite focused for many days, and then I just stopped doing the work—the work to feel good no matter what by directing my thoughts and quieting my mind. Because I thought I needed the rest. 

Savasana doesn't mean ceasing to celebrate life. It means giving the mind a break from thinking. It is the time to meditate more. To write more gratitude lists. To start the day off more right than ever before. Rest for the mind means work for the soul: the good work. 

All we have to do to consistently enjoy life is keep up the good work. Keep it up, team! We can do it! 

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