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Just the Tip #24
My New Approach to Weightloss
Welcome to a new beginning sweetheart!

About six years ago, my dad sent me an email encouraging me to lose weight. Attached was a PDF that he had written, with all of his weightloss tips and tricks. I know he was acting out of love, but my ego was CRUSHED.

I was still recovering from bulimia and thought he was being cruelly insensitive. Didn't he know what a miracle it was that I wasn't throwing up (much) anymore?!

I've had the urge to lose weight since I was 8. I can recall all the times I've done it successfully:
  • In eighth grade, excited about boys and disobeying my parents. I would only eat half my sandwich at lunch.
  • When I lived at home between freshman and sophomore year of college with my parents making my meals. I was making my art portfolio and excited to try my hand at graphic design.
  • When I started grad school and thought I was the hottest shit on the Internet. I was very excited to prove my intellectual worth.
What each of these things have in common is this: I loved myself and was excited about my life. When I was bulimic, I hated myself and wanted to escape my life.

The past few months have been tumultuous for me. And when I'm going through a lot of contrast, I eat to avoid the emotions. But I always get to a point where ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and I want to try to lose weight again.

In the past I've used calorie trackers, different diets, and excessive exercise. This time I want a more permanent solution. Instead of going on a diet, or counting calories, I'm on a different plan: deciding to love myself and be excited about my life, on purpose.

The lightness we crave from weightloss has to begin within. When we feel light in spirit, our bodies release excess weight. Loving yourself is the lowest weight you can be.
Go deep.
Guided Meditation on Weightloss video still Weightloss is like, the touchiest subject in the world for me. I'm always trying new things at the same time as trying to accept myself. Fortunately for me, I've been recording video meditations for the past 9 months to help me feel better about life. When I record the videos, it's as if I'm channeling advice from my higher self.

I decided to record a meditation about weightloss to open my mind, body and spirit to change. I asked my higher self for her perspective, and she definitely came through.

I recorded it last Friday, when I weighed 140lbs. Today I weigh 137.6. Something's working!

If you're looking for a solution yourself, this meditation will help you gain a different perspective on weightloss. It's $5 for a 15 minute video, and your purchase includes an MP3 and transcript of the meditation as well. You can watch a preview and read more about it here or click the button below to purchase.
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Go deeper!

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