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You probably signed up for this email list to get one of my free worksheets on A lot has happened since I released those first printables! My wife Kelly and I have been creating books, journals, zines and meditations under the name School of Life Design for 8 years now, and we just finished our latest journal, the Monthly Magickal Record. Read on for more about that, and skip to the bottom for free worksheet downloads and meditations!

The School of Life Design Monthly Magickal Record is a 158-page monthly planner and interactive book of spells. Click here to pre-order the Monthly Magickal Record for only $18 (when you use the coupon code MAGICKLYFE)! You will receive your book about two weeks after you place your order. If you buy 5 or more copies of the same book, you automatically get 50% off your order (make sure you take off the MAGICKLYFE coupon though–you can't combine the offers). After the pre-sale ends on November 30, the Monthly Magickal Record will cost $25. 

Your thoughts create your reality, and your words are the spells that bring thought to life. With systematic clarity, the Monthly Magickal Record unveils the exact process of how your words become flesh.

This journal contains 31 pages of a Daily Ritual, where you can chronicle your divination readings, pre-pave your experiences and manifest your desires. Between each Daily Ritual is a different spell for stepping into your power as god in human form.

Also included are six weeks of calendar pages for participating in time-based consensus reality. Designed for modern witches, conscious creators, and mindful magicians alike, this journal empowers users to make magick a daily practice.

The Monthly Magickal Record is now available for Pre-Sale on!
Use the coupon code MAGICKLYFE to save an extra $2. 
Free Resources from School of Life Design

Less Fucks

Whatever you care about, stop caring and it will work itself out! Just like a to-do list, list all the things you're worried about or need to get done. For each item, imagine what it would feel like to not give a fuck if it doesn't get resolved or completed.


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Meditation Video: Let Go of Your Worries

It’s the right time. It’s the right place. Breathe in and relax. Breathe out and be kinder to yourself today. You have come so far! You are doing such a good job! It’s ok to slow down and appreciate yourself!

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Daily Practice

Just like any hobby, fitness endeavor or game, practice leads to a higher skill level. Conscious creation is the same concept. When you practice daily and hone your powers, you heighten your ability to channel your own personal power.


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Meditation Video: Your Attention Is Your Power

Place your attention on loving yourself and then the world will love you and you will love your world.

Breathing in I love myself. Breathing out I don’t give a fuck!

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Daily Self Love

What thought is more important than “I love myself?” The mantra, "I love myself" is a path to adoring yourself, but sometimes we need more than a mantra. This worksheet gives you a framework for creating a reality you love.


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Meditation Video: How Good It Feels to Have Nothing to Lose!

You get to control the outcome of your life by letting go of your fixations on what you’re afraid of.

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Unlimited Downloads

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You also continue to save with unlimited access to all forthcoming worksheets, audio lessons, ebooks, artwork and meditations. By subscribing to School of Life Design Unlimited Downloads, you help us keep the School running for future seekers like yourself. 

When it is released in December, the Monthly Magickal Record will be available to Unlimited Downloads subscribers.
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