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Just the Tip #37
Focus on What's Working
Happy July!

"The more you walk the walk, the less you feel the need to talk the talk."

I forget where I read this, but it resonated with me because I know it to be true in my own life experience. The author explains that when we are trying to tell others how to do something, it's usually an indicator that we are trying to learn for ourselves. The more we actually learn about a process, the less we feel the need to get others on board.

Which would explain why Jessica and I don't talk much about relationships. A friend asked us to create some resources on the topic, and we were a little surprised when we realized that we didn't have much of anything in the SoLD arsenal about co-creating. It makes sense, though. We are so good at personal relationships because we don't try. A loving partnership is something that is so prevalent in our lives that we almost take it for granted.

Which reminds me: that is the only way to ever attract anything you want. You have to care so little, be so detached from it, that you allow it to flow effortlessly into your life experience. This week in Just the Tip, Jessica and I will explore the topic of relationships more in depth. It will be a good exercise for us focus on what we have that is working instead of constantly striving for something we don't. By celebrating success in one aspect of our lives, we open ourselves up to success in all other areas.

Thanks, Ann, for reminding us that love is all that really matters, and we already have that in spades. <3
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