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Just the Tip #33
Laugh Your Way to the Top (Free Worksheet PDF!)
Heya toots,

A couple weekends ago Kelly and I were doing a 7am bike-ride-of-shame from our friends' place. A little tipsy, very giddy and acting completely silly, we had to first climb a nearly vertical hill to get out of the apartment complex.

Shifting my gears down to the lowest setting—1 on the left, 1 on the right, I slowly ascended. "I'm on that One One!" I shouted. That phrase turned into a goofy rap lyric that I sang all the way home.

You know when someone's "on one"? When they're on a roll? No matter how fun it looks or how jealous you are of their momentum and success, remember that they too had to climb the steepest hill to get there.

If you want to be a raging success and take the ride of your life, you first have to encounter nearly vertical contrast. Things have to be so bad that you have to give 100% of your focus to overcoming the obstacle.

The only way you're going to make it over that hill is if you shift your gears down to that 1-1, and laugh all the way up.

What does it mean to downshift to 1-1? Well, you make the hill easy on yourself. You turn the resistance down. You stop thinking about it being hard and find ways to enjoy it. You learn to like the climb as much as the descent.

There's the key. Learn to like the bad days as much as the good and you'll be on that One One too.
Go deep.
Funny HaHa Last night Kelly made this ridiculously awesome worksheet inspired by author James Altucher:

"Some people list the things they are grateful for. This is a good list to do. But I try to also list the things around me that are funny. The things that are more than funny. The things that are ludicrous.

This is a more fun list. This is the list that lights my brain on fire. It takes practice but it's worth it. Because if you can't find the humor in everything around you, then eventually you find out too late that the joke is on you."

Our worksheet, Funny HaHa, is available for sale on the School of Life Design site for $2. But for you dear email recipient, the worksheet is free! Click the button below to download your copy. Here's the one we filled out last night, lol.
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