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Just the Tip #42
Your Ship is Always Coming In
All aboard!

All Access On the heels of the heaps of positive reflections we saw from focusing on relationships last week, Jessica and I decided to spend this week focusing on another topic: money. But I want to tell you a story that is seemingly unrelated.

Within the past couple weeks, Jessica and I became acquainted with someone who works closely with musician Willie Nelson. This is of particular interest because since moving to Texas, Jessica and I have joked that we would become friends with Willie (who lives just outside Austin). "We're going to meet him," we excitedly realized after making the connection between WN and our new friend.

Yesterday afternoon, Jessica and I both experienced a dip in our vibrations. Instead of letting our moods slip, we made the choice to focus on feeling good. As I turned my focus toward the flow, I could feel it taking me away. I decided to feel good and it worked! About 20 minutes later, Jessica told me our old friend Nikita was in town from LA and invited us to see him and his band play a show. We looked up the venue to see the line-up and who was headlining but Willie Nelson?! Not only did Nikita put us on the list, but we got all access passes!

I'll admit, at first I was afraid to approach the topic of money. "What do I know about money?" I asked myself, "I certainly don't have any." What a flawed premise! No wonder I don't have any money if that's my thought pattern. What I remembered, though, is that money is like everything else: It is simply an indicator of a vibration. When you lean into the flow and look for indicators of well-being, you see them. This story is not about money, per se, but it's a reminder that the universe is always giving. What you want can come in myriad ways when you are open to receiving! Look for evidence of abundance and you will see it everywhere you look!

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