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Just the Tip #30
Vision Boards!
Hi darlings,

Do you keep a vision board? When Jessica and I first starting studying Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, we put together an elaborate—and decidedly visual—vision board. We even went as far as to print out images from the Internet of the things we wanted. Not surprisingly, a lot of those things ended up coming. But they came long after we opted to dismantle our collage of wishes in an effort to reduce visual clutter in our home.

We had a photo of Steve Pavlina because we wanted to go to one of his workshops. He ended up inviting us to attend one of his Conscious Growth Workshops free of charge. We had images of the Vegas skyline, where we have visited twice since. We even had photos of beach resorts in Mexico—check! These things manifested long after we forgot we even wanted them. 

After years of not maintaining a vision board, one night we started adding to it again. Never mind the stimulants influencing our behavior; for the first time in ages, it actually felt good to want something. It felt good because we finally remembered that it always comes. It's fun to want when you know what you want is always trying to make it's way to you.

It's obvious how far we've come. We don't care about vacations or Range Rovers anymore. Though those things are nice, we know they are not the key to happiness. We are no longer attached to our desires because we think they are going to make us happy. We celebrate our desires because we are already happy. We are grateful to have the desires pulled through us. 

The first entry on our new vision board? "Good Ideas," written on an old, chopped-up drawing in blue sharpie. Another says, "Intern to populate income streams." There are a handful more that are more or less all related to our creative endeavors. There was one that said, "Rabbit Hole cards and website," but it's gone now. Rabbit Hole is a project Jessica and I have been working on on-and-off for over a year. It is a "Life Design Tarot Deck" and it's readings link to useful life design resources. It's something we enjoy doing, but have not worked on in months.

When we added that entry to our vision board, we weren't attached to its outcome. We didn't put it on there because we imagined it being a cash cow. We didn't have a need for it to come, we just thought it would be fun. I'm not exactly sure how it even happened, but within a couple weeks we had not only added the deck to the School of LIfe Design site but we were designing new cards. I say I'm not sure how it happened because it seemed to just unfold in the flow. We never had to try to get it done. Frankly, we never really cared if we did. 

This is the only time I can remember ever adding something to a vision board and then being able to remove it two weeks later because it already manifested. We didn't care, we were not attached, and it came. 
Go deep.
Best Case Scenarios Sometimes all it takes to get what we want is to have the balls to ask for it. Like a vision board, the Best Case Scenario worksheet encourages us to think about what we do want instead of what we don't want. Something as simple as remembering that we can think about the best possible outcome can be exciting and empowering enough to turn the boat on a negative thought pattern. When you know that what you think about you bring about, why wouldn't you want to create the Best Case Scenario?!

Go deeper!

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