The Cult of Counting Handbook is here!

Hello friends!
Kelly and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest journal, the Cult of Counting Handbook! The Cult of Counting Handbook is an 8.5x11", 146-page journey into the magick of meditative counting. The book contains 31 counting activity pages with accompanying blank experience report journal pages. In between each counting activity spread is a guided meditation, author journal entry detailing our personal experience with counting, or a practitioner spotlight, highlighting other people who implement the miraculous practice of counting in their own lives.

We discovered the mystical aspect of counting after reading Echkart Tolle's The Power of Now in 2011. Tolle suggests noticing the space between thoughts to access the bliss of the present moment. We interpreted this idea by counting the seconds between thoughts. Gradually finding other practitioners and proponents for the practice, we established counting as one of our primary techniques for handling stress, depression, illness and anxiety.

We created the Cult of Counting Handbook to encapsulate all we've learned about counting as a meditative practice, and to have activity pages that, once filled out, create beautiful art to bookmark the power and relief that comes with counting.

At School of Life Design, we believe that only your thoughts can make you feel bad. When you count, you stop all the worries and troublesome thoughts that cause stress, fear and anxiety. This break from thinking returns you to your natural state of feeling good. This natural state of feeling good manifests into a better-feeling reality. Thus, the meditative practice of counting is an excellent manifestation technique. It helps you get out of your own way!

To use this journal, count aloud or in your head as you make marks on the counting activity pages. Draw a hashmark, dot, number or line with each number you count. Gradually, you begin to fill the entire page with a record of your presence. After you complete your counting, use the experience journal page to reflect on the experience and find out what really works for you.

Today we are announcing the PRE-SALE for the Cult of Counting Handbook. When you place your order for the paperback journal before December 1, you save $5 off the regular price ($25) of the book. Your book will ship to you on December 2! The pre-sale discount also applies to wholesale orders, so if you order 5 or more copies of the book, you get them for $10 each instead of the regular wholesale price of $12.50.

The pre-sale discount ends at midnight on Sunday, December 1. Books ship December 2! Try it, you'll like it!

We also have the digital PDF version of the Cult of Counting Handbook available for purchase or subscriber download RIGHT NOW, TODAY! The 8.5x11" size of the pages is perfect for printing your own copy. Head to the Cult of Counting Handbook page for instant access to this life-changing journal! As always, Magickal Library subscribers get the download for free!

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So if you sign up for the Magickal Library today, you get the Cult of Counting Handbook PDF AND all of our other digital downloads for the same price as the Cult of Counting Handbook PDF alone!

Thank you for supporting me and School of Life Design, and for contributing to the overall peace on earth by training your attention and releasing resistance. We are so grateful you're here!

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