Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year Beautiful!
The past few days I’ve been stressed about the new year. Should I quit drinking? Should I resolve to count more calories? Should I get a personal trainer? Run more? Eat vegan again? And on and on and on. It was giving me a headache.

Then at the gym tonight I had a random thought: “Man, I hate myself for not bringing my shoes in from the porch since Halloween.” I was really beating myself up, pissed at how lazy and disrespectful I thought I was.

But I caught myself and quickly murmured, “Jessica, I love and accept you exactly the way you are.” I heard my ego immediately respond with, “How can I love myself with such a glaring infraction?”

So I played with different scenarios in my mind, to explore the possibility of loving and accepting myself and the shoes exactly as we are. “Maybe my shoes were home to a snail when it was cold. Maybe they really needed to be disinfected for two months. Maybe they made it in our house’s Google Earth photo, and I’ll always be remembered by my toe shoes.”

As I began to lighten up with these possibilities, I remembered how powerful a mantra “Jessica, I love and accept you exactly the way you are” is. It’s what I use to win the telepathy game “Mindflex”. It’s what I use when I’m really hungover. And it’s exactly the way I want to feel about myself.

I got my resolution for 2016, and it is only to love and accept myself exactly the way I am. Slowly the knowing relief keeps tickling my mood, when I remember: what you focus on expands. The more I love myself the way I am, the more reasons I find to love myself reflected in my experience. Which brings me to our...

Monthly Manifestation Manual SALE!

To celebrate the dawn of 2016, School of Life Design presents a one-day digital Monthly Manifestation Manual sale! Throughout the course of 2015, I completed five Manuals and can report greater wealth, better health, and what feels like exponentially more love. But the best thing that has come from the Manual is confidence in myself and my ideas. I am the creator of my life, and all that matters is what I focus on. The Manual reminds me again and again of my power. Sometimes it's the wishes coming true, or the manifestations from the visualization exercises. But what makes me happiest is seeing myself CHOOSE, ON PURPOSE what I want to feel like in my daily life, and then it comes. Effortlessly. 

All manifestation takes is thinking about what you want and letting it go. After going through the book five times, I see how many things I asked for that I received. Trips, health, money, relationships, feelings, solutions, epiphanies, earthly pleasures, inspiration. 

You can only know the power of conscious creation when you try it yourself.

The Manual taught me how to love myself the way I am. Not only did I practice consciously choosing thoughts about myself that I prefer, but just writing this now makes me feel proud of myself. My wife and I sent the MMM to print last New Year’s Day, and in one year we have sold hundreds of copies in Austin and around the world. It's working! 

The Manual doesn’t ask you to change yourself; it only asks how you want to see yourself. You have the choice right now: You can love and accept yourself exactly the way you are. And now you remember. You already do!

The MMM helps me remember who I am: god in human form. Which makes loving and accepting myself the way I am a lot easier.
More than anything, I want as many people as possible to experience the power of the MMM. I know the exercises work, and the more people that do them, the more peace will exist among our peers and throughout the world. That's why we are offering this digital download to our loving e-mail subscribers for the low, low price of $5. We want you to download it now and share it with as many friends as possible! Experience the astonishing power of your focus and abilities as a conscious creator!

This limited time offer lasts today only. Bite the bullet! Take the plunge! Throw your knapsack over the fence! Make the choice right now that you are going to take control of how you feel and do everything you can in the coming year to look for things to love about who you already are. The MMM will help.
Orders are processed through PayPal. You will receive an email containing a link to your digital download. 
Happy Conscious Creating! Life already is the way we want it to be!
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