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All you need to know about living on a narrowboat
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8th January 2012

Here's more news and information for you from Living On A Narrowboat. If you're wondering why you are receiving this newsletter it's because you subscribed to my site (Living On A Narrowboat). I hope that the information I send you from time to time is useful. After all, the site is all about narrowboats and you probably found the site from doing a narrowboat related search through a search engine. However, I don't want you to receive emails that you really have no interest in. I know from personal experience how annoying they can be. If you really don't want to receive information about living on a narrowboat and updates on the on-line, offline and marina moorings in England and Wales you can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this email. I hope you stay. I sincerely hope you find the information useful. 

  Meet The People Who Live The Dream

A very happy new year to you. Isn't it a wonderful time of year? The celebrations are done and dusted and now it's time to work on those new year's resolutions. Not the "I must join the gym to lose the seven pounds I put on over Christmas" kind of resolution; the important resolutions. The boating ones. The resolution to buy your first boat, cruise more in the boat you already own or move onto your boat full time.

It's with the latter in mind that I've published a handful of new posts. They are all live-aboard case studies which I sincerely hope will give you more of an insight into what it's actually like to live on a narrowboat full time. Not just during the idyllic months (weeks sometimes) of the English summer. The questions in the four posts below have been answered by very different live-aboard families, singles and couples. Their boats, their views of life on board and their experiences are very different. Their answers make fascinating reading.

I'll start with myself; Paul Smith, living on my own, moored in a marina and working full time. Narrowboat James case study

Meet Peggy. She has a husband and two small children, works full time and cruises the network during the summer months. Narrowboat Violet Mae case study

Fancy spending your retirement cruising the waterways of England and Wales? Meet Barry and Sue Horne. They're living the dream! Narrowboat Adagio Case Study

Here are another working couple. Lina and Warren cruise the cut with their two cats. Narrowboat Olive Rose case study.

You won't find menu links to these posts on the web site. I need to add quite a few more case studies before I do. In order to do that, I would like your help. Would you mind?

If you are currently living on a narrowboat, your knowledge and experience would be very useful to the hundreds - maybe thousands - of users and visitors who have yet to take the final scary step to a full time life afloat. Please read one or more of the live-aboard case study posts above. I would love you to share your knowledge and answer the same questions about your own unique experience. If you have a photograph or two, you'll be able to show off your pride and joy to up to ten thousand visitors every month. Your answers will help many of them make an informed decision about their boat purchase or alteration. In return, you can display a link from the site back to your own site or blog.
Let me know if you can spare a few minutes to help your fellow boaters.

And if you don't yet have your own boat and there's a burning question or two that you think should be added to the case study questionnaire, please let me know.

Winter? What Winter?

The marina in winter at Calcutt Boats
Do you remember the dreadful weather we had late 2010/early 2011? If you live on a boat I'm sure you do. With the overnight temperature on one occasion dropping to a bone numbing minus eighteen - I woke up the following morning to find a quarter of an inch of frost on the inside of the engine room - and regular sub zero days, it was a winter to test the resolve of many a live-aboard boater. The whole canal network ground to a halt under four inches of ice from the end of November until the beginning of January. I spent much of my working day standing on the front of one of our work boats punching holes in the marina ice so that our moorers could reach the pump out point.

This winter has been a complete contrast so far. There hasn't been the tiniest little wafer of ice either on the marina or the canal and I can count the number of morning frosts on the fingers of one hand. In fact, on a couple of days over the last week, there's been a hint of spring in the air. I know it's not too late to have a cold snap, but it's a far cry from last year when I was throwing bags and bags of hyper expensive coal into a ravenous stove. By this time last year my winter coal spending had reach just under £400. This year it's a more manageable £150. Mind you, since last year I have over plated the existing Masonite cabin with steel and sandwiched a layer of insulation between the two.

Coming Soon...

Would you like to know how a narrowboat is built? Even if you don't have any plans to have a boat built to your own specifications, you need to know how one is put together. I'll be documenting the construction of a narrowboat which will be added to one of the country's leading narrowboat manufacturer for their already extensive and very successful hire fleet. I'll be talking to the builders and taking photographs at every stage of the build from conception through to completion. You'll learn why a boat is constructed the way it is and discover the best layout, equipment and facilities for your very own live-aboard narrowboat.

That's it for now. Enjoy reading the case studies and maybe even adding your own.

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