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15th April 2012

Here's more news and information for you from Living On A Narrowboat. If you're wondering why you are receiving this newsletter it's because you subscribed to my site (Living On A Narrowboat). I hope that the information I send you from time to time is useful. After all, the site is all about narrowboats and you probably found the site from doing a narrowboat related search through a search engine. However, I don't want you to receive emails that you really have no interest in. I know from personal experience how annoying they can be. If you really don't want to receive information about living on a narrowboat and updates on the on-line, offline and marina moorings in England and Wales you can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this email. I hope you stay. I sincerely hope you find the information useful. 

I'm tired and I'm sorry. I'm not sorry that I'm tired but it's because I'm tired that I'm sorry the newsletter isn't up to much today. You see, I normally write the newsletter and much of the content that it links to on a Sunday just before it goes out. Only today I haven't had the time I'm afraid. James came out of the water for blacking yesterday morning. I was hoping to get all the work done yesterday and leave today free. Best laid plans and all that though...

The first task after the boat's been dragged out of the marina is to pressure wash the hull to remove all of the organic growth. The pressure washer wouldn't start. It starts every day of the week without a problem but, on the one day that I wanted to use it, not a chance. One of the engineers isolated the problem for me. A faulty extension lead. So, after an hour's delay, I was back up and running.... sort of.

The pressure washer is generally used during the week while our hire boats are busy ferrying happy holiday makers up and down the cut. On a Saturday though, the boats come in to be serviced for the next holiday crew. The servicing includes filling the fresh water tanks which are often left nearly empty. All of the hoses on the wharf are used on a Saturday morning, so the water pressure on the slipway is very poor. The pressure washer isn't happy about this and stops working when its internal reservoir is empty. Yesterday that happened about every two or three minutes.

Consequently, the wasn't much painting done yesterday so I had to finish it off today. Sixty two feet down one side, then sixty two feet back up the other side. Three times in all, plus a bit of touching up where I had missed bits.

Anyway, it's finished now for another three years. I am very pleased about that.

Life On The River Cam

Here's a very interesting article from Luther Phillips. He lives on a wide beam boat on the river Cam with his partner Lisa and two young children. He lives a pretty contented life on the river... apart from the rowing clubs who think they own the waterway, and the local authorities who think that Luther and his fellow liveaboards pay too little for the pleasure of living afloat on a beautiful river near the heart of a historic city. Here's what he has to say.

Liveaboard Case Studies

Annie is a freelance writer. John is a farmer. Annie works from her boat. John has to commute to work... by light aircraft. He makes me feel quite embarrassed about my daily three minute journey to my "office" You can read their case study here.

Toni writes children’s stories as she cruises the network with her ex husband Allan. She doesn’t share the same boat with him though. They have one each; Toni on Snowdrop and Allan on Pengalanty. You can read Snowdrop's case study here (and if you haven't already read Allan's, it's here)

Would You Like To Contribute?

Maybe you've written an article already that you think would be useful to site visitors. Maybe you think something is missing, and you just happen to know a lot about it. Either way, I would love to hear from you. All I ask is that the article is well written and relevant to the site's existing content. Just let me know.

OK. That's it. I'm worn out. I'm going to sit in front of the fire with my Kindle and pretend to read for a while. Hopefully there will be a wealth of new information for you in the next issue. Maybe written by you!

Useful Links

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