How Some Banks Are Easily Making Money and Helping Their Customers
Some community banks are missing out on a money-making opportunity, and Mike LaSalle wants to help remedy that situation. Read on to find out how Bell Bank’s new SVP/equipment finance bank channel director is working with community banks on ways we can help your better help your customers.

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Done Deal: Casey Whipple Finds Niche as Bell’s Correspondent Credit Manager
Casey Whipple was one of the first 3 members of Bell Bank’s correspondent team. After 15 years working in correspondent credit, 5 of those as manager, his knowledge of what it takes for a correspondent deal to be approved has become almost instinctive. Read on to find out what he says about deals that don’t go through.

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Greg Sweeney Talks Recession Probability & State of the Economy
From his office in Boise, Idaho, Greg Sweeney leads Bell’s investment committee and oversees the overall investment strategy for Bell Bank Wealth Management clients. Under his leadership, the investment team aspires to be the best money managers, locally and globally, with results often beating national averages. Read on for his take on the probability of a recession and the state of the economy.

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February Economic Outlook
In this month’s Economic Outlook, Greg Sweeney, Bell’s chief investment officer, shares his insights on interest rates, inflation and economic growth in the U.S..

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Save the Date for 2020 Ag Symposium with Dr. David Kohl
If you have customers working in agriculture, don’t miss this opportunity to hear expert insight from author and speaker Dr. David Kohl and Lynn Paulson, Bell’s director of agribusiness development!

Production agriculture has become even more of a gamble. We understand the stakes are high, so we’re going to show you how producers with a seemingly winning hand are stacking the deck in their favor.

Save the date! Join us for this free ag symposium presented by Bell Bank in Minnesota on Tuesday, July 7; in South Dakota on Wednesday, July 8; and in Wisconsin on Thursday, July 9.

Watch for more information in the coming months, or contact your correspondent banker to register.

Quarterly Financial Report
This past year ended up being a great one for Bell Bank, with many new milestones set. Total loan growth during 2019 exceeded $1 billion, including growth of nearly $250 million in the fourth quarter. Bell also had deposit growth of just over $990 million for the year. Net interest margin continues to hover just over 4%, and Bell recorded record net income for 2019 at just over $72 million.

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