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Why Lease?

Bell Welcomes Leasing Division
Let’s say you have bank customers who are in the market for new farm equipment, a new fleet of city trucks, or even a new building for their company.
Whatever the case, you may wonder (as does your customer), why choose to lease equipment, instead of buying it with the support of a bank loan? There are many reasons to consider a lease instead of a loan. A lease offers 100% financing, covering soft costs such as sales taxes, shipping, installation and software. A lease can help cash flow and may even offer tax advantages.
Bell State Bank & Trust is pleased to announce the addition of its leasing division. If you have customers who need agribusiness or business equipment (including equipment for construction, education, healthcare, public transit and other fields), look no further than the bank you trust. Bell’s leasing team works with commercial and agricultural-related businesses, equipment dealers and vendors, and city, county, state and federal municipal governments (including school districts) to finance almost any type of equipment:
  • Business – we lease everything from dozers, cranes and excavators to computers and office equipment
  • Ag – we offer the full range of equipment including grain bins and tractors
  • Municipalities and schools – we lease all types of equipment including buildings, buses, playground equipment, concession stands, golf course facilities and more
Those are just a few examples. Just ask, and we’ll see what we can do for your customer.
Why is leasing good for your bank?
  • You retain the entire relationship with your customer
  • You may participate a portion or all of the lease with Bell, subject to our underwriting and approval
  • If it’s within your concentration or lending limits, you may refer the lease, offer full-service leasing to your customer and receive fee income

Our leasing process is simple:
  • If you wish to keep the investment, you can do your own credit underwriting
  • Bell Leasing completes all lease documentation and assigns it back to you
  • Customer makes payments directly to you
  • You may choose to retain a portion of the lease and participate the balance to Bell State Bank & Trust
  • If the customer is outside your concentration or lending limits, you may refer the customer to Bell for underwriting; Bell Leasing will pay you the agreed fee upon funding the lease

Meet the Bell Leasing Team
Chris Assel, Tim Gauer and Jake Erickson have extensive experience in offering equipment leasing options to commercial customers.
Assel began his banking career in 1976 and owned and operated Midwest Leasing, Inc. from 1983 to 2000. After he sold the company to Northland Financial Bank in 2000, Midwest Leasing became the leasing entity for Northland, where Assel served as senior vice president and manager prior to joining Bell.

Gauer has nine years of banking experience in consumer and commercial banking, credit and leasing and previously worked at Midwest Leasing, Inc., Northland Financial Bank and Wells Fargo Bank.

Erickson has four years of banking experience, most recently specializing in leasing at Midwest Leasing, Inc.

Voss Is New Correspondent Lender in Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois

We are pleased to welcome Mary Voss to our correspondent banking team. An experienced lender based in Iowa, Mary is working daily with banks in Iowa, along with eastern Nebraska and Illinois. She would love to talk with you about participation, bank stock or other loans you need.

Both Gene Uher and Gary Keller continue to assist Mary, as we have increased our commitment to correspondent lending in the region. Gene continues to serve banks in northwestern Iowa and Nebraska, and Gary is also calling on banks in Iowa.

Originally from Hebron, Neb., Mary graduated from Bellevue University and has been in the banking field for over 40 years. She started her career at Bank Iowa, spending 20 years there. Her most recent position was at Bankers' Bank in Madison, Wis., where she spent nearly 25 years.

Voss lives in Pleasant Hill, Iowa. She and her husband, Terry, have a son and daughter.

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Fourth-Quarter Financials

Bell State Bank & Trust
December 2015

Capital Ratios
Common Equity Tier 1 Capital 10.19%
Total Risk-Based Capital 11.09%
Leverage 9.30%
Key Call Report Information
Total Assets $3,656,580,000
Total Liabilities $3,311,219,000
Total Capital $345,361,000
Total Loans $3,299,845,000
Total Correspondent Loans $414,963,000
Total Loss Reserve $29,347,000
Net Income $36,805,000