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Free Burritos Tomorrow

Freebird Burritos 24 Liverpool Street, EC2M 7PD

The much anticipated launch of Freebird Burritos first store is taking place this Tuesday, 4th of September. If you have followed our pop up shops around London, first of which opened in January 2007, you are familiar with our story. We now have 8 pop up shops including Exmouth Market, Berwick Street, Goodge Place and Rupert Street. Our love for Mexican street food has seen us grow organically and now we are ready to roll out stores, the first of which is our Liverpool Street Store, now all set up, ready to serve you lunch and dinner from Mondays to Fridays.
Come and join us Tomorrow Tuesday 4th of September for the official Freebird Burritos Liverpool Street Launch! Free burritos will be given out! This will be limited to one burrito per customer, so we can serve as many of you as quickly as possible.
We are at 24 Liverpool Street, EC2M 7PD, just to the left from Liverpool Station. We are open from 10.30AM - 9PM on Monday to Friday.

The shop will serve all our old favourite burritos including British Farm Assured Grilled Chicken, Juicy Tender Grilled Steak, Slowly Braised Pork and Vegetarian Fajita. Exclusively for the store, we have added a new delicious Smoked Southern range of BBQ Pulled Pork & Smoked Shredded Beef both smoked slowly over Hickory Wood, then braised and served with our BBQ sauce. We also have Brisket, smoked over Mesquite Wood and served with our house BBQ sauce.

We have been working on a new addition to our smoked range that we believe would be a great replacement to the BBQ brisket but before we make this change we would appreciate your feedback. Please email me directly .

If you like the product and would be interested in setting up a corporate account, please email me directly:
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Come and have a taste of Freebird Tomorrow!

James Howland
Founder of Freebird Burritos
Freebird Comes to Liverpool Street
5 Years after being born from the street Markets we have opened our first store at 24 Liverpool Street, EC2M 7PD
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