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This isn't going to be fancy-but I'm okay with that.

Last week I had the chance to go to DC and hear a couple people speak, of them was a Dean who turned a 'failing' college around, it was at a 1% graduation rate and it was predicted to close within the next year. It's been 10 years and it is still open. When the moderator asked the Dean, 'what makes you successful? How did you do this? He looked back at the moderator and said, 'I prayed.'

The moderator asked again, 'how did you do this?' He said, 'sometimes you can't explain things, you just pray for them to happen. "There were so many nights I was down on my knees, and learned that you can do everything right and still not have things go your way.' "Sometimes you just have to work hard, pray, and leave the rest to God." I've struggled a lot in the past couple months in deciding what to write- how I should write- when I should write but the truth is, if I write, I'll be okay, even if life hits me in the ___. If you work, if you dance, if you sing, if you work, you'll be okay. If you put your best into what it is you like to do, you will be okay. It is better to have given your something your all and not have it go your way then to wonder, 'what if?' My last newsletter was very crowded with lots of content and information. I loved it but I realized that's not what's important, what's important is that I get to talk to you- and help you with your day. A lot of you email me and tell me the things you're going through and I realized if I can be here for you (be it via email or virtual world) I'll have lived. Last month, I interviewed two individuals who work in human trafficking, one who hopes who highlight stories and the other who develops data to make informed decisions. Both had a point where they looked up and wondered what they wanted for their life, one came from the military and the other from writing, they wanted to use their work for something larger than themselves and that's when they found Trafficking. Yours may be making people laugh, writing poems, saving baby dolphins, whatever it is, know there is more out there for you, beyond the things you're struggling with today.

What do you believe in? What by all costs and things would you still do even if it came down to your very last breath or cent? If it's not what you're doing right now, step back, realign with your values and refocus your energy towards what you came here to do. There is still more out there for you, believe in your limitless ability to tap into all the greatness still left inside of you.

Happy Spring and Happy Tuesday!

With love,

Cynthia <3

P.S. THANK YOU- thank you - your support keeps me going :) <3

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