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It's Token Time

Hey Podna! It's nearly time to start Presale cabin selection for ShipRocked 2020! But before we begin, we stongly recommend that you click the links below to review some very important information regarding the cruise and booking your cabin.

Stateroom Pricing

Payment Information

Before You Book

How To Book

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Conditions

If you have any additional questions, you may contact ASK4 Reservations by emailing or by calling 888-402-ASK4 (2754).


Token & Booking Time

You have been assigned the following unique access token which will allow you to login to the ASK4 Reservations system to select and reserve your cabin at your assigned date and time, subject to remaining inventory.

Your Name:  <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>

Date & Time:  <<Token Time>> USA-Eastern

Access Token:  <<Token Number>>


Your access token is linked dirctly to your personal ASK4 Reservations account profile and is NOT transferrable - In other words, it will not work for anyone else but you!


Important Info

Please Read

By registering for the Presale, you have been granted the opportunity to book a stateroom at any time after your earliest booking date and time, subject to the remaining inventory at that time, unless and until the cruise sells out.

If you plan to share a cabin with another guest who is also signed up for the presale, only one access token is required to login and make a stateroom reservation. Please be sure to communicate with your cabinmate(s) to determine who will make the reservation. Pro Tip: whoever has the earliest booking date/time!

All staterooms are sold on a first come first served basis, subject to your earliest booking date and time, and are not held nor guaranteed. It is ultimately your responsibility to access the reservations system on or after your booking date and time, or you risk not being able to secure a reservation.

Your access token and priority booking opportunity will expire on Tuesday, April 16th at 11:59am-ET, at which time any remaining cabins will go on-sale to the public.

If you log into your ASK4 account prior to your booking date/time, and depending on what web/mobile browser you are using, you may need to log out and log back in order to access the booking page. Please also be sure to review the important info below regarding logging into your account.


Priority Booking Groups

Your earliest booking date and time has been assigned and prioritized based on the number of prior ShipRocked cruises you've attended, and the date/time you registered for the presale (or for SR19 guests, the date/time of your SR19 reservation)

Booking dates have been split into the following groups:

April 9 - Survivors (alumni) who have sailed 8-3 times
April 10 - Survivors who have sailed 3-1 times
April 11 - Survivors who have sailed 1 time, and Newbs (1st time guests)
April 12 - Remaining Newbs

Given the number of people who participate in the presale, the cabin selection process takes place over several days. Depending on the size of each group, some may be split up over multiple days, but at all times the booking order is protected.


ASK4 Username & Password

The first time you booked or pre-booked a reservation for ShipRocked, you created a unique username and password for the ASK4 Reservations system. Please login NOW to make sure you are able to access your account, and to avoid any login issues on your booking date/time.

to your ASK4 Reservations account, by CLICKING HERE

If you have forgotten your username or password, you'll need to reset them by following the steps below.


Follow these directions to reset your password and update your user name.

1. CLICK HERE to reset your password:

2. Enter your Email Address, First Name and Last Name exactly as it is listed below. This is how we have your information in our system.

• Full Name:  <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>
• Email Address:  <<Email Address>>

3. You will receive a verification code by email. Click on this link to continue. This email is sent to you immediately. If not received, please check your spam folder. Your verification is NOT your access code.

4. Create your new user name and password, and update any additional contact information.

5. Login to your ASK4 Reservations Account at the below time with your token:

• Day & Time: <<Token Time>>
• Your Token: <<Token Number>>

That's it... If you have any questions about prebook tokens, stateroom pricing, or the booking process, please contact ASK4 Reservations by emailing or by calling 888-402-ASK4 (2754).

We look forward to seeing you in February!


Contact Us

ASK4 Entertainment is eager to assist you in any way we can to make your vacation as stress free as possible! Be sure to Contact Us should you have any questions about the cruise or need help with your reservation!

phone2.png  888-402-ASK4 (2754)
commenting-o.png  Live Chat Support


Stay Connected

Click below to stay in touch with your ShipRocker community, and find fellow solo-travelers, or others looking for cabinmates! And be sure to follow us on our socials!

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