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President's Message

Dr John Hinchcliff

Racism is invariably a conditioned, irrational and ultimately ignorant attitude. It can be a blatant hatred or cloaked antipathy against someone of a different background manifested by skin colour, the shape of eyes or the length of a nose. It denies that another can be as good or as human as yourself - because of this accidental and irrelevant difference.

Racism is, indeed and in deed, a primitive and intolerant tribalism that marginalises and sometimes harms...

The Good Citizen: social media and anonymity in racism

Nick Dynon

Race Relations Day 2015 sees the launch of New Zealand’s first annual summary of race relations as reported in the media. According to Race Relations Commissioner, Dame Susan Devoy, “Ethnic, religious and other minorities regularly tell us they are dismayed at how they’re represented in the mainstream media and with their blessing we decided to look into this further.” While this will no doubt prove...

MARCH 2015

Race Relations - Where does humanity stand?

Each year, 21 March is observed globally as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The date recalls the tragic loss of life at Sharpeville in South Africa in 1960 and the United Nations has dedicated this day to the achievement of the goals of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination(CERD). New Zealand signed this convention on 25 October 1966 and ratified it on 22 November 1972.

This edition is dedicated to taking stock of the humanity's efforts to improve race relations- how much progress we have made so far and what else needs to be done. With contributions from seasoned experts in race relations, including the Race Relations Commissioner, we discover the depth of the challenge and the solution steps.

We also showcase the efforts of The Peace Foundation to strive for robust race relations. This is strongly evident in its multicultural team of the council, staff, interns and volunteers who work together in peace for the cause of peace. Besides, all our peace education programmes aim to encourage peaceful race relations amongst people from diverse cultures.

To echo this year's theme of Race Relations Day - 'Big Change Starts Small' - we would invite you to stop being a bystander if you come across race-based abuse, and instead take steps, even if small, to demonstrate that Kiwis honour all races and value peaceful race relations.

For peace,

Virin Gomber

Racism - Don't be a bystander

Dame Susan Devoy

A pre-school boy walking home from kindy with his mother is confronted by angry adults who abuse him because he is a Jew. They rip the yarmulke off his small head and scream hate at him and his mum.
Did this attack take place 75 years ago? Was that little boy from Berlin or Warsaw? 
I’m ashamed to say that no, this didn’t happen long ago and neither did it happen far away. This small Kiwi boy lives in Mt Eden and he faced race hate only a few months ago, on the streets of our biggest city
. Sadly, Muslim Kiwis have reported similar attacks on their children and mums on the way home from school...


The Dreyfus Affair

Dr Rob Roche

What became known as the Dreyfus Affair, or simply l’Affaire, extended over 12 years of controversy and involving clerics, politicians, writers, academic intellectuals and lawmakers.

The Affair destroyed the cohesion of French life for more than a generation, and it illustrates how an emotionally laden event can cause violent anti-Semitism to bubble to the surface in an apparently peaceful community.

Born the son of a wealthy Jewish textile manufacturer on 19 October 1859 in Alsace, Dreyfus began a military career in 1882, attaining a Captain’s rank by 1889. In 1890 he married Lucie Hadamard, daughter of a diamond merchant in Paris, and they...

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REACT presentation on Charlie Hebdo

In February, the REACT programme interns conducted a very lively and relevant discussion at West Lake Girls High School focussing on the recent attack on the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, ­­where - in reaction to the magazine publishing offensive cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad - two gunmen entered the building and killed eleven staff members.
The central focus of the discussion was in two parts: the tension between free speech and offence, and what people can do in response to events like the Charlie Hebdo attack. Western democracies...

Upcoming Events & Important Dates in 2015

22 March: Auckland Bed Race (Auckland Domain)

29 March: Auckland International Cultural Festival (Mt Roskill War Memorial Park)

25 April: Anzac Day 

15 May: UN International Day of Families

22 May: Pink Shirt Day

23-31 May: Youth Week Aotearoa

28 May: 40th Anniversary of The Peace Foundation

19-20 September : World Without War: Action for Peace Conference

Multicultural PF team celebrates race diversity

Lucy Stewart

When discussing race relations, here at The Peace Foundation, we are very proud of the fact that we practice what we preach and are lucky enough to have an incredibly diverse and multicultural team – in fact we are regularly described as a mini United Nations.

We feel this diversity is a huge strength in our organisation, as well as making our office a whole lot of fun. Everyday is a learning experience, whether you are learning a few words of another language, learning about a particular cultural practice...


'Peace Angels' run for The Great Auckland Bed Race

The Peace Foundation invites you to join us at The King Koil Great Auckland Bed Race to be held at the Auckland Domain on Sunday 22nd March 2015.

This year’s race theme is ‘Heroes and Villians’ and The Peace Foundation has chosen to send it’s team named ‘Peace Angels’ who will be competing to support this fun fundraising effort for the Foundation’s peace programmes that benefit families and youth in Auckland.

The King Koil Great Auckland Bed Race 2015 is an annual family fun day extravaganza... 

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Race Relations Day activities

Every year communities across the country host events – from food fairs to cultural festivals -to celebrate Race Relations Day. Events are often held throughout the year – not always on 21 March.  More information can be found via the Human Rights Commission’s Facebook Pages or website. 
The Race Unity Speech Competition 2015 will kick off in March with competitions held in twelve districts across the country, culminating in... 

Auckland International Cultural Festival 2015

The Peace Foundation team will be back celebrating New Zealand's cultural diversity at the Auckland International Cultural Festival 2015 on 29 March at Mt Roskill War Memorial Park.

Showcasing Auckland’s diversity, Auckland International Cultural Festival is back for its 16th year! Renowned for the wide range of food from around the world, this event has something for the whole the family to enjoy. Visitors can enjoy numerous...


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