JUNE 2021
My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, LORD, I will seek.
—Psalm 27:8

“Don’t focus on the problem. Instead, seek God’s face.” That’s good advice but when we have our eyes on changing circumstances instead, it’s easy to forget the wisdom of seeking the Lord’s face. How much worry could we save ourselves from if we would remember to seek him first—every day and in all circumstances?

Like every mission, JAARS is completely dependent upon God in seeking his wisdom and provision as we work with our Bible translation partners to provide solutions that help make their work possible.
We hope you’ll enjoy reading the stories featured below and see how the Lord is working through JAARS to make his Word available to people in the languages that speak to their hearts.

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Life Upsets
Sometimes, during tough experiences in life, our eyes are on the changing circumstances around us, when what we really need to do is keep our eyes on Jesus. For families planning to serve in missions overseas, part of their preparation is learning how to handle the tough “life upsets” they may face. One of the ways they do this is by meeting others preparing for the same struggles. Read the full story here.
Tracking Every Movement
Before the installation of a V2 Track device on the Kwadima II, those monitoring the movements of the vessel had to rely on spotty cell service and periodic radio contact. Read more.
Six Clinics, Six Villages, Six Days

Many people living in Cameroon’s remote villages receive medical care only when medical professionals can arrange for a visit. Thankfully, a Baptist hospital sends staff out to these villages every few weeks. Still, getting out to these areas can be tricky, especially when the roads are full of potholes or become slippery in the rainy season. That is when they turn to SIL Cameroon Aviation, a partner of JAARS, for help. Read more.

Filling in the Gaps

Even though we may have a love-hate relationship with technology at times, the truth remains that many people today could not live without it. Our weather apps tell us what clothes to wear, Zoom and social media keep us in communication with loved ones scattered around the world, and most of our work happens on computers. The same is true for the world of Bible translation. Read more.

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Editor's Note: There will be no July issue of Expressions of Hope.
Look for more encouraging stories and Scriptures in August.
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At JAARS, our mission is to make Bible translation and language development possible, especially in the most remote and difficult places on earth. We do that by enabling locally appropriate and sustainable solutions in transportation, technology, media, and training. 
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