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The Wren's Nest: Home of Joel Chandler Harris, Author of the Uncle Remus Tales

We know it's been a long time since you've heard from us via email.  We're sorry.  Please, accept this Jonathan Hillyer photo of the Wren's Nest as a peace offering:

There's more where that came from, you betcha.

Now! Let's get down to get down to business.  Below are three important stories you need to know about.

Everything You've Heard About Uncle Remus Is Wrong

No, really.  Lucky for you our executive director, Lain Shakespeare, took it upon himself to set the record straight.

Uncle Remus the Trickster

This delightfully lucid five-part essay exposes the untold tricks of Joel Chandler Harris's cultural legacy and debunks the widely held -- and often misguided -- beliefs about Uncle Remus.  Plus, it's funny.

If you read anything from the Wren's Nest this year, please let it be this. Afterwards, we'd love it if you would take a moment to let us know what you think!

Connecting Professional Writers and our Local Charter School

Since the beginning of April, 16 5th graders from KIPP STRIVE Academy have been working 1-on-1 with professional writers to preserve stories from their community.

Jon and Rani: Writer and Student

The students interviewed an important adult in their lives and are now converting their notes into impressive short stories with the help of their red-pen wielding mentors.

The final product will debut over Labor Day Weekend at the Decatur Book Festival.  Feel free to read about our lil' program from the perspective of one of our volunteers.  Oh!  And many thanks to the Kim King Foundation for funding this project.

"The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story" in HD

When coworkers reference "The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story" around the water cooler do you nod along in faux understanding?  Laugh a little too eagerly lest you blow your cover?  Mumble along as if you know what's up?

Be ashamed no longer!

Akbar Imhotep Telling Stories

Thanks to professor and documentarian Spencer Simrill, Jr. you can watch Akbar Imhotep perform one of folklore's most enduring tales as many times as you want (in HD!).  Pretty great, right?

Everything Else You Missed

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See y'all next quarter.

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