Issue 116 September 2018

The Anatomy of Anxiety

For many of us, anxiety sucks. It feels unpleasant, it’s uneasy, uncomfortable and sometimes scary. It comes in so many different forms and no two people will experience it in the same way. Sometimes, it comes in different forms, at different times, and in different situations, for the same person! It’s unpredictable. It can arise when we are stressed or relaxed. It can arise out of the blue. It can be rational or irrational. Sometimes, we are anxious about little things while being fine with genuinely scary things.
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Body Signals: Wisdom from Within

Our body communicates its wisdom to us long before our conscious mind can get a word in.  That’s why body signals are sometimes called our ‘early warning signs’, and they are an important key to staying safe, and building social and emotional wellbeing.
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How can optimism skills help people?

While our tendency towards optimism and pessimism is partly genetic, many studies have demonstrated that we can increase our level of optimism by learning the skills that natural optimists use, and that this can actually help overcome and even prevent depressive episodes.
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Strengths Approach Practice Training

Support others to identify, celebrate and mobilise their strengths.

Why study online? 

  • More convenient
  • No travel expenses
  • More comfortable
  • Meet professional PD requirements outside of work time.

Soon to be supported with live webinars!

Note: Group enrollments available.

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Attend our strengths approach training and tools workshops.
In-person training is offered at our location in Bendigo, Victoria, with the possibility of additional locations in 2019.
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Training In Singapore

Tools Workshop for Managing Anxiety (Oct 19)
Let us tailor training to suit the specific needs of your organisation or team. We will come to you!
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Workshops in your area

We are planning our calendar of face-to-face training for 2019. If you would like us to hold a workshop near you, email us and we will explore possibilities in your area.

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