Issue 111, May 2018 
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The Languages of Apology

Have you ever said sorry to someone, and yet you know they have not experienced your apology as authentic? Somehow your sincere apology did not land. This may be more likely to happen when the offence is perceived as a grave one. But it can also happen with seemingly small transgressions.
Within families, among friends, with work colleagues, in teams and community groups, hurts can take place with alarming regularity. Navigating them, genuinely trying to make repairs and learn the noble art of forgiveness, are essential ingredients of respectful relationships. Not only that, they are the balm that soothes our own wounds.
But saying sorry is often not easy.




Stickers Help Create Caring Cultures

Stickers may be little, but they can say a lot about how we respect and value each other in our schools, groups and communities.
Children love stickers—and so do many adults! Stickers are not just fun, they are an effective and simple way to reinforce positive messages and show children that they are appreciated and valued. Strength Cards for Kids stickers have a very special message—all children deserve to be recognised for the strengths they already have and for the strengths they are developing. It is through building strengths that children flourish and learn.

Strength Cards for Kids Stickers are a great adjunct to the cards with their colourful cartoon-style animal characters and their practical, affirming statements such as ‘I am brave’, ‘I try new things’, ‘I welcome others’, ‘I like to learn’ and ‘I bounce back’. There are 40 of these wonderful messages to share with children. These stickers will add colour to their journals, notebooks, pictures and writing. Perhaps each child can select and wear a different sticker every day in the classroom or at home? With 5 full sets of 40 different stickers (that’s a total of 200 stickers in each pack), you will have a useful and versatile tool for creating a caring and supportive culture in schools and families.

New Third Edition Strength Cards for Kids stickers
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Second Edition Strength Cards for Kids stickers (jungle theme)
Cat 0450
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The Power of Reflective Conversations about Parenting

By Dr Jennifer Lehmann, Senior Lecturer, Latrobe University

In this complex and uncertain world there is nothing more certain than the challenges of parenting. Long has it been remarked that this fundamental role in society is undertaken without the training, supports and qualifications required for much less demanding activities. However, as the centuries have passed, we have been able to adapt and develop our parenting practices, re-think our impacts as parents on our children’s wellbeing, and alter our cultural attitudes and behaviours towards our offspring accordingly.
This does not negate the struggles we experience on a daily basis as parents, however. From the time of the birth of our child we are learning to nurture and respond to another human being with a unique combination of needs, temperament, personality, learning style and responses to the world to which they are exposed.


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