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Issue 130 Oct 2019

Living with an Eating Disorder 

A resource for hearing and validating before shifting the focus to recovery

What does it feel like to live with an eating disorder? What does the ‘eating disorder voice’ say and how do we challenge those messages? What supports recovery and what gets in the way? How can we help reduce the isolation and shame surrounding eating disorders? Read More

Exploring the Frontiers of Counselling in the Asia Pacific

Over five hundred delegates gathered in Brisbane late last month for the Asia Pacific Rim Confederation of Counsellors Conference. Bringing together a dizzying array of speakers and workshop presenters, the conference aimed to build the capacity of practitioners in mental health services... Read More

Would you ever …

* Accept a gift from a client?
* Drink alcohol or smoke with a client?
* Acknowledge a client if you see them in public?
* Encourage a client to lie in order to access a service or benefit?
* Connect with a client on social media?
* Ask a client to sign a petition?
* Give a client a gift?
You may be able to answer some of these questions with a resounding ‘No!’ Others may cause you to waver, and still others may not pose a problem at all...  Read More

Always been interested in strengths-based approaches and would like to know a little more?

Want to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes for the people you work alongside?

Instinctively work in a solution-focussed way?

The two courses below provide short entrees into the Strengths Approach to Practice online course.
After completing either course, take advantage of a $50 discount coupon to apply to the full Strengths Approach to Practice course.

Short Introduction to the Strengths Approach

A brief overview: key features of The Strengths Approach to Practice

This short entree into our online Strengths Approach to Practice course provides a concise summary of the fundamentals of the strengths approach. By the end of the course you will:
  • have an overview of the key features of the strengths approach
  • be able to immediately apply some simple techniques for working in a strengths-based way
  • have an appetite to learn more about strengths-based practice
  • receive a $50 discount coupon to apply to the Strengths Approach to Practice course. 
Enrol here for only $35

Five Column Tool

A Strengths Approach Resource

This short entree into Strengths Approach to Practice provides:

  • a practical tool to apply immediately in your work as a strengths-based practitioner
  • a short introduction to working in a strengths-based way 
  • an appetite to learning more about strengths-based skills and techniques.

Enrol here for only $35


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Introduction to LGBTIQ-Inclusive Practice

How can you be more inclusive and respectful in your work? How can your organisation build its skills, knowledge and capacity around LGBTIQ-inclusive practice?

This online course is great place to begin your organisation’s development, understanding and competence in working beside LGBTIQ people. Developed in partnership with Rainbow Health Victoria, this course will assist your organisation towards Rainbow Tick Accreditation.

Contact us or take a look at our Free sampler.

Please Note: Pricing is tiered based on the number of registrations purchased.

Download brochure


Learn more about Rainbow Tick Standards

For loads of information on our suite of training options, visit our NEW website training pages.
Sometimes, travelling and taking time away from work can be difficult. If you prefer to study and learn at your own convenience, then
visit our elearning site to view courses available.

Introduction to LGBTIQ-Inclusive Practice

Online course available to organisations.
Keen to adopt or reinforce a strengths approach to working with people?

Yes, we will come to you and tailor the training to meet your specific needs.

Ask us about Early Learning Tools Workshops:
Available at
your place
or ours.

Keep an eye on our website for our upcoming 2020 training calendar 

School Readiness Funding

Need help with School Readiness Funding Grant?
We are an approved supplier and can assist you.
(We will also deliver training at your place or ours.)

Visit our special Early Learning website page.

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