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Issue 127 July 2019
The Power of Vulnerability and Trust in the Classroom

Lillian Daley, a Grade 6 teacher in Darwin—the capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory—writes about the power of vulnerability and trust in the classroom.

In the school day there is a huge emphasis on academics and related skills, and I think the students simply enjoy taking a break from that, using the cards to develop their social and emotional strengths. They enjoy the honest conversations we have, especially as lots of the topics would not have been brought up otherwise.

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Directing Traffic in Schools

Thinking of ourselves as a car can be a very useful thing to do.

Clean and green with zero emissions, of course. Or maybe not. Depends on the fuel you are putting in your tank, the junk in the trunk, the road you take and who is behind the wheel.

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Red Herrings

Red herrings throw us off the scent and distract us from what we need or want to be doing. What red herrings do you use?

I picked up Inside Out: A journalling Kit and selected the card about red herrings. It made me think about ...

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Congratulations to Peter Kenyon on receiving OAM

We are very pleased to hear from the Bank of Ideas that their very own Peter Kenyon, whose dedication and commitment to communities around Australia (and the world), particularly in rural and regional Australia, was acknowledged at the recent Queen's Birthday celebrations on June 10 with an Order of Australia Medal. 

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Innovative Resources has had a long friendship with Peter and we are thrilled that he has been honoured in this way. Many communities across Australia and internationally have benefited from his wisdom and passion. 

We are thrilled that Peter will be joining us at SOOS2020

17 – 19 March, 2020

Beyond Lip Service:
Person-Centred Practice
In Action


  • Want to hear some revolutionary ideas?

  • Got a passion for action?

  • Ready to get serious about change?

Working in human services, we can sometimes feel demoralised by the feeling that no matter what we do, nothing really changes. We have more services now than ever before but are they resulting in a fairer, more inclusive society?

This Seriously Optimistic Online Summit (SOOS) invites us to ask:

What do services look like when they genuinely support people to create meaningful and lasting change?

Over the three days of the summit, we will explore all of these topics and more.

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Introduction to LGBTIQ-Inclusive Practice

Online course available now to organisations.
This course has been developed in partnership with Rainbow Health Victoria.

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Rainbow Talk

Rainbow Talk is a set of 40 cards for creating respectful conversations with young people and adults about diversity and identity, particularly in relation to gender, sexuality and biological sex.
Featuring a sentence starter on each card, this beautifully-designed resource does not tell anyone what to think. It invites us to reflect on stereotypes, language, labels, social messages and human rights as well as our own experiences, attitudes and hopes for the future.
Rainbow Talk includes a comprehensive booklet of suggested uses and tips for creating safe and inclusive conversations.

These conversations are for us all because everyone has an identity related to their body, gender and sexuality. Such conversations can help build fairer and more enriching communities for everyone.’

Estimated Release Date: Nov 2019
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Introduction to LGBTIQ-Inclusive Practice

Online course available to organisations.
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