Issue 118 Nov 2018

Helping Children Manage Anger

You’ve probably heard of fight, flight or freeze—the brain’s primal response to threat that floods our system with a cocktail of chemicals to help us react and keep safe. More recently ‘flop’ and ‘be-friend’ have been added to this list. Now, that’s a tidy little bunch of ‘f’ words for you!

And here is one more to add to the collection: FURIOUS.

For many children (and adults too) ‘fight’ is the go-to response and anger is the emotion that is automatically triggered. The root cause of anger is often frustrated desire.  A child who has not yet learnt to self-regulate can go from zero to one hundred in a split second when something or someone gets in the way of what they want, resulting in an outburst of full-blown fury.

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Gender Equity in the Early Years: Why Is It Important?

Creating gender equity plays a significant role in preventing violence against women and children. Early childhood educators have an important part to play in modelling equal and respectful relationships; through curriculum, learning environments and interactions with children.

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Your Road to Learning

Some people prefer to learn in a quiet place, some people prefer to listen to music while they learn. Some people like to learn in small bitesize chunks and some people like to swallow everything in one mouthful. Others love group sessions with a facilitator, where all are located in the one room and you move forward together by learning together.

So what's the best learning experience for you?
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Strengths Approach Practice Training

Support others to identify, celebrate and mobilise their strengths.

Why study online? 
  • More convenient
  • No travel expenses
  • More comfortable
  • Meet professional PD requirements outside of work time.

Look out for our live webinar series to support online courses—starting in 2019.
Note: Group enrollments available for all courses.

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Latest Course Release Also Available Online Pssst! - Coming in Early 2019
  • Rainbow Tick Online Course (for agencies undergoing Rainbow Tick accreditation)
The Rainbow Tick Standards are applicable to any organisation, regardless of industry, and support organisations to develop and implement inclusive practices for the LGBTI community.
Attend our strengths approach training and tools workshops.
In-person training is offered at our location in Bendigo, Victoria, with the possibility of additional locations in 2019.
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Let us tailor training to suit the specific needs of your organisation or team. We will come to you!

New Early Learning Landing Page

It is truly extraordinary when you think of the growth and learning that takes place in the first few years of a person’s life. A baby explores the joys of movement by becoming curious about the world around them. A young child begins to develop language and experience the complexities of relationships, culture and identity. They experience the tumultuous world of emotions and body signals and begin learning patterns of response to them.

St Luke's Innovative Resources has been named as provider under new 'School Readiness' funding, a new initiative of the Victorian State Department of Education and Training, designed to help children achieve their best at kindergarten.

Our products and training have been identified for inclusion on the Department's menu. This means that we have been through a formal validation process that analysed our alignment to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, considered in the light of their evidence base.
Visit our new Early Learning page created especially to help identify the resources we have found most useful when working with young children.

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