Issue 115 August/September 2018

Self-Care: Not Just an Optional Add-on

Self-care should be seen by practitioners and organisations alike as a fundamental part of human service work, and not just an optional add-on.
People in the ‘helping’ professions—such as social workers, counsellors, teachers, carers, and health professionals—juggle many potential challenges everyday including high workloads, vicarious trauma and emotional exhaustion. Jobs that involve working with people who are facing difficult circumstances magnify the usual challenges of any workplace. If left unchecked, stress can build up, contributing to mental and physical health issues including anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, addictions and burnout.
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What is Optimism?

Optimism is NOT positive thinking; so what is it?
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Journalling as a Therapeutic Tool

The actual PROCESS involved in journalling – that of thinking, feeling, expressing and making real – is so important and so full of impact. 
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Note to Self: Potential

Potential is something we are all capable of reaching for in any area of our life. It’s not only about what we want to achieve in the world, it’s also about who we want to be.
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Choosing Strengths

Thinking about strengths as being available for choice can be very liberating.
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