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Cornell-Stanford Conference on Public Goods and Inequality

The CPI is co-hosting an interdisciplinary conference that explores the connection between rising inequality and the commodification of public goods. Submit your paper proposal by May 15, 2017.
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New Poverty Resources!

A poverty risk calculator estimates the chance that an individual will experience poverty in the future. And the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University launches a new website packed with valuable resources for researchers.

America’s Poverty Course
Psychological Intervention

In this video from our online course on poverty and inequality, Stanford professor Carol Dweck discusses the power of believing that basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

Talks and Events
Poor White Southerners in the Elite Imagination

Why does U.S. literature spotlight racist villains and heroes during periods of institutional change? A lecture by University of Alabama professor Jolene Hubbs explores race and the elite imagination.

Wednesday, May 17, Black Community Services Center, 12pm
The Transformation of American Jails and Hospitals

UC-Berkeley professor Armando Lara-Millán explores the changes underway in our criminal justice and public welfare systems.

Thursday, May 18, Mendenhall 101, 12:30pm
Child Health and Immigration Conference

The Center for Population Health Sciences is hosting a conference on children, immigration, health, education, and advocacy.

Thursday, May 25, Encina Hall, Bechtel Conference Center, 7:45 am
The Right to the Creative City

This panel considers how technology can be brought to bear on problems of urban exclusion, inequality, and injustice.

Thursday, May 25, Stanford Humanities Center, 4pm
Race Relations in the Age of Donald Trump

CPI affiliate William Julius Wilson examines the growing association between income inequality and income segregation and how this relationship is exacerbated by racial segregation.

Thursday, June 8, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 5:30pm
State of the Union on Poverty and Inequality

The country’s top experts deliver a comprehensive assessment of where the country stands on key poverty and inequality outcomes. This year’s focus: racial and ethnic inequality.

Friday, June 16, Koret-Taube Conference Center, 10am
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