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Why Aren’t Women Rising to Executive Ranks?

It’s all about a feedback gap! Read more about the gap in new research by Shelley Correll, CPI research group leader, and Caroline Simard, research director at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research.

CPI News
Call for Papers: Household Economic Instability

Social Service Review announces a special issue dedicated to studies of household economic instability and social policy. Studies that provide new empirical evidence or a major theoretical contribution will be considered. Papers are due by September 15, 2016.


Measuring Poverty in the 21st Century

Missed our conference on the future of poverty measurement? Check out our videos on innovations in poverty measurement:

Why Does the U.S. Rank So Low in Mobility?

Miles Corak considers how intergenerational economic mobility in the U.S. stacks up against that of peer countries in the seventh installment of our “State of the Union” video series.

Talks and Events

Learning Together About Immigration Policies and Experiences

This panel explores how policies and rhetoric around immigration have affected immigrant communities in the United States. 

Thursday, May 12, Branner Lounge, 3:30pm

A Night with the "Fresh Off The Boat" Family

Join the cast and crew of the hit ABC television series "Fresh Off the Boat" for an evening discussion of diversity and representation in arts and entertainment.

Thursday, May 12, Tresidder Oak Lounge, 6:30pm

A Culture of Identity Choice

Tufts University professor Natalie Masuoka argues that Americans increasingly accept the idea that individuals can choose identities that were once seen as immutable.

Wednesday, May 18, Brandon Room, Black Community Services Center, 12pm

New Evidence Against a Causal Marriage Wage Premium

Harvard University professor Alexandra Killewald argues that marriage has no causal effect on men’s wages and that marriage occurs when wages are already rising unusually rapidly. 

Thursday, May 19, Mendenhall, 12:30pm

Genetics and Educational Attainment

Graduate School of Education professor Ben Domingue explores what schools can do to moderate the association between genes and educational attainment.

Friday, May 20, CERAS 204, 12pm
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